10 symptoms of rising blood sugar levels, and ways to control it

Hyperglycemia is a condition that is seen in diabetics, in which the blood sugar level becomes very high. It can be injurious to health. Know how to deal with this situation.
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Diabetes is increasingly becoming a common problem because of what our lifestyle has become. There is an phenomenal increase in our intake of junk food and decrease in our physical activity which in no way is a healthy lifestyle. People who suffer from diabetes need to be extra careful about their health. But when the diabetics don’t make changes in their diet and lifestyle, they are worsening their condition which can lead to a condition like hyperglycemia. This condition, leads your body to produce less amount of insulin due to which many health hazards can happen. That is why it is important that you know everything about what causes hyperglycemia and what can we do to control or prevent hyperglycemia.

Understand the use of insulin

Insulin is the hormone which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. The lack of insulin causes diabetes. If the amount of insulin in the body is low, then glucose and sugar cannot dissolve well in the blood due to which the blood sugar level becomes high. This problem is mostly seen in diabetic patients when they constantly neglect their health.

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These are the 10 symptoms to look out for if your blood sugar level increases

A study published by the Cleveland Clinic described the symptoms of hyperglycemia, that is, the symptoms seen when the blood sugar level in the body is increased. If you also have diabetes, consult a doctor as soon as you see such symptoms without waiting.

hyperglycemia in diabetics
Diabetics need to keep an eye out for these symptoms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Feeling tired and restless without participating in physical activities.
2. Difficulty in breathing and feeling nervous.
3. Feeling irritable.
4. The problem of frequent urination.
5. Feeling thirsty after short intervals.
6. Feeling like you want to throw up.
7. Infection and allergy, as well as their long-term persistence.
8. Having a urinary infection and itching.
9. Weak eyesight and blurred vision.
10. Sudden weight loss.

What causes hyperglycemia in diabetics?

1. When your body is not able to use natural insulin effectively.
2. When your body is unable to balance the amount of carbohydrates induced in the body through insulin. This also creates a possibility of hyperglycemia.
3. When your diabetes medicine and other insulin doses are not able to control your blood sugar level.
4. If you have diabetes and you are not physically active, then this condition can arise.
5. Emotional and mental stress can also cause you problems.
6. Due to physical stress such as cold and cough, flu, infection, there is a possibility of developing hyperglycemia.
7. When you are taking steroids for any other health condition.
8. If you are pregnant, this condition can also arise due to having gestational diabetes.

Here are the ways to avoid hyperglycemia:

In the study by Cleveland Clinic, some important and effective measures to avoid this problem have been described. If you want to avoid this situation, definitely remember these 5 things:

1. Participate in physical activities:
You need to make sure that you are physically active throughout the day. If the door bell rings, you should be the first one to make a run for it. Make it a habit to exercise regularly and participate in yoga sessions. It keeps your blood sugar level under control, and reduces the chances of developing conditions like hyperglycemia.

2. Keep your eating habits balanced:
It is very important to have a healthy diet. Also, you need to be well informed about the diet that is suitable for diabetics. Along with this, prepare a diabetes meal plan by taking advice from a doctor.

3. Maintain a healthy weight:
Maintaining a healthy weight is very important to avoid such a situation. For this, it is very important to have a balanced diet and be physically active.

4. Don’t smoke:
To maintain the blood sugar levels and prevent conditions like hyperglycemia, you need to say no to smoking. If you don’t smoke, that’s great! But if you have a habit of smoking then it is advisable to quit immediately.

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stop smoking to prevent hyperglycemia
Quit smoking to prevent being a prey to hyperglycemia. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Limit your intake of alcohol:
Alcohol increases the amount of blood sugar level in your body. Along with this, it can also be the reason for low blood sugar level. Therefore, consume alcohol only in a limited amount or occasionally. It would be best if you could stop drinking it all together.

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