Fix your toothache at night with these 5 dentist-approved tips

Trying to deal with a toothache at night? A dentist shares some common causes of tooth pain and how you can reduce it for comfortable sleep.
Follow these tips to deal with toothache at night. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Dr Shveta Setia Thareja Published: 27 May 2023, 04:15 pm IST
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Having a toothache at night can make falling asleep or staying asleep incredibly challenging. Even though you just want to fall asleep, the discomfort makes it difficult to do. Even worse, your dentist isn’t open this late. You should definitely call your dentist in the morning, but in the interim, consider the five strategies discussed here for to deal with toothache at night.

What can cause toothache?

A little issue in your teeth or gums may result in toothaches. There are different types of toothache. They might also be brought on by discomfort in other parts of your body. Let us look at some common causes of toothache:

1. Infected or abscessed tooth

This ailment is described as a pus-filled pocket in the tooth and is occasionally referred to as a dental abscess. Both organic and inorganic debris stuck in your teeth have the potential to infect your teeth or put a strain on the spaces between your teeth.

2. Crowning of wisdom teeth:

Your wisdom teeth may be rubbing on other teeth when they erupt and burst through the gums which may result in a toothache.

3. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

Although TMJ is categorized as jaw joint pain, it can also have an impact on your teeth.

4. Gum disease

Periodontal disease and other gum conditions like gingivitis can hurt your teeth.

Gum problems can cause toothache
Gum problems can cause toothache. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Grinding

While sleeping, you could clench or grind your teeth, which can aggravate the pain.

Tips to get rid of toothache at night

Here are some tips to relieve toothache so you can sleep well at night!

* Over-the-counter painkillers

You can ease dental pain temporarily by using some over-the-counter painkillers prescribed by your dentist. Numbing pastes or gels, frequently containing benzocaine, can assist in temporarily lessening the discomfort so that you can get some rest.

* Try to keep your head elevated

You can prevent blood from rushing to your head by elevating your head above the level of your body. As a result, it decreases swelling, improves circulation, and alleviates pain. Your toothache may become more painful and keep you awake if blood collects in your brain. So, keep your head elevated to deal with toothache.

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* Eat the right food to deal with toothache at night

Try not to eat cold, hard, or acidic food right before bed. These foods might harm your teeth and aggravate any existing cavities. Try to stay away from food that triggers pain.

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Brush your teeth at night to maintain oral hygiene
Brush your teeth at night to maintain oral hygiene. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

* Use a pain relief pack to soothe tooth pain

Use an ice pack or a warm pack before bed. An ice pack or a warm pack is advised to use depending on the condition of the patient. Resting an ice pack or a warm pack on the painful side of your face can help to lessen the pain so you can sleep peacefully.

* Rinse your teeth

Rinse your teeth with warm salt water or mouthwash. Use a mouthwash to clean and numb your teeth, or mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and thoroughly rinse your teeth before spitting it out. This easy home cure not only effectively reduces pain, but it also reduces inflammation and kills bacteria.

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