Hitting the gym in full swing after the lockdown can damage your kidneys. Here’s why

We understand you want to regain that lost muscle mass or perhaps lose some weight. But going back to your usual exercise regimen at the gym can be risky.
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Your body might not be ready for a challenge at the gym just yet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 17 Aug 2020, 11:29 am IST
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Whether you have already started going to the gym and or are planning to–we’ve got some news for you. We know that you are itching to get back in shape or gain muscle mass again, but you need to be cautious. Why do we say so? Because working out aggressively after such a long pause can have adverse effects on your health, especially on your kidneys.

Meet rhabdomyolysis, a disorder that can damage your kidneys if you work out aggressively
When you work out after a long gap, your muscles feel the impact. A lot of wear and tear happens in your body which affects your health in multiple ways. The most common signs you are likely to see are fatigue and soreness.

But if you are over-enthusiastic and work out like crazy, then you can be at the risk of rhabdomyolysis.

What is rhabdomyolysis? Well, rhabdomyolysis is the breaking down of muscle tissues that release a damaging protein called myoglobin in the bloodstream. Myoglobin basically stores oxygen in your muscle but too much of it in your bloodstream is not good for your kidneys as it can cause some damage. 

exercise and kidney failure
You should take it easy in the gym after lockdown. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What are the signs and symptoms of rhabdomyolysis?
According to Dr Deepak Dewan (MD, DM nephrology), director of renal sciences at Regency Super-Specialty Hospital in Lucknow, pain in the abdomen area, weakness, cramping, dark-coloured urine or very less urine are some of the most common signs seen in the patient suffering from rhabdomyolysis. In fact, this problem might also impact the liver functioning in some patients.

Why does a situation like rhabdomyolysis arise?
When you overexert your muscles then that impact has to go somewhere, right? To make matters worse, lack of proper guidance while working out is another factor that can accelerate rhadbomyolysis. 

exercise and kidney failure
If you are taking food supplements then don’t take them without prescription. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Every individual is different. Their metabolism, requirements, and muscle endurance is also different. Working out while keeping this in mind is key.   

It’s totally cool to work hard in the gym if you have been working out at home all along 
Of course, if you have stuck to your routine to the T even in the lockdown then you can hit the gym and do your thing without any problem. Your body doesn’t oiling in such a situation, but we will still advise you to take at least a week or 10 days to get into the groove.

So peeps, we understand that you are itching to get back in shape but a little cautious won’t harm. 

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