An expert reveals why you must STOP cracking your back

If you’re someone who loves popping their back, you need to read what experts have to say about the habit of back cracking.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 24 May 2021, 13:33 pm IST
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There are certain things that give us a strange sense of satisfaction — one of them is cracking our bones. We can’t deny the kind of relaxation that we all feel when we hear that pop sound, especially when we indulge in back cracking. But guess what? This can cost you your spine. No, not kidding in any way! 

According to Dr Rakesh Nair, consultant knee replacement surgeon at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Mumbai, as the tension, tightness, or pain gets released, one feels relaxed, as the range of motion increases. But sometimes, this pleasant experience can turn into discomfort, and make you feel your spine is out of place. Hence, it’s important to watch out and keep a check on your habit of cracking the back. That’s why it is essential to STOP it immediately.

After long working hours, and consistently staring at the computer, using a smartphone all the time or feeling tired, it is natural for most people to crack their backs. When the spine’s facet joints are manipulated, either out of or in their normal position, twisting of the lower back or neck happens. 

Various studies show that occasional back cracking is fine, and can relieve stress on the spine. The snapping sound may sound like music to your ears, because you tend to feel better. This sound is because of the tendons and ligaments that rub against your joints, when you stretch into a crack. But, doing it on a regular basis will lead to wear and tear of the joints. 

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So, do not crack your back every day.

Here are three main reasons why you must avoid back cracking 
1. Cracking the back can cause hypermobility

If you don’t give up on cracking your back, it will move certain joints beyond the normal range of motion; this is called hypermobility. Your muscle and tendons will have to put an extra effort to stabilize the back, and this can invite injuries. After all, you wouldn’t want to be in pain or cause any harm, right? So, get rid of this habit as soon as you can.

2. It can wear down the cartilage

Cartilage can be described as a strong, smooth connective tissue that is situated at the end of the bones and the vertebrae of your spine. It is a shock absorber and distributes weight equally on all the joints. But, with time, the cartilage degenerates and it suffers wear and tear, due to injuries and the ageing process. Thus, back cracking can degenerate the cartilage.

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3. Cracking your back daily can lead to severe spine injury

It is a known fact that spine injuries rob your peace of mind. If you have a chronic spine injury, tumor, infection, or any other spine problem, then cracking the back is a strict no-no.

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So next time before you twist your back to pop it up, just remind yourself about these three side-effects.

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