Hey hustlers! Here’s why you need to have a healthy sleep routine

Constant mood swings and irritability are signs of lack of sleep. Here’s why you need to sleep more to be in a merry mood.
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Here’s why sleep is important to keep you in a happy mood. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 25 Apr 2022, 19:33 pm IST
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Sleep plays a vital role in the overall well-being of a person. Sleep schedules are different for different people and vary based on various factors. Usually, as night approaches, depending on our sleep routine, we have different cues we give to our bodies to prepare them for sleep. Some people clean up at the end of the day, some prepare for the next day by laying out their clothes, some people drink a type of soothing tea, and some choose to read or turn off the lights and scroll through their Instagram. These are all normal routines people follow and cues that they have set for their brain to understand that it is time for bed.

Pranay Jain, a health expert and nutritionist, spoke to HealthShots about the importance of building a sleep routine for a happy mood.

“With the new fast-paced life and the hustle culture, sleep is ignored by many. People pull all-nighters to finish assignments and projects, cram for exams, prepare for an important meeting, play video games, or watch Netflix. All these ill habits disrupt the sleep routine,” says Jain, who is also the CEO and Founder of BodyFirst.

Why do most people find it difficult to build a sleep routine?

It all starts with delaying sleep for a night. Staying up late for one night turns into two nights a week and gradually progresses to a point that one does not have a healthy sleeping pattern and routine anymore. A lack of sleep routine can disrupt one’s sleep.

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Having a sleep routine is of great importance, especially when it comes to your mental well-being. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Not having strong cues that signal your brain to transition into sleep mode can make the brain confused as to when one wants to sleep, take a power nap, or nap for just a few hours,” says Jain.

What are some of the ill effects of not having a proper sleep routine?

When one has an irregular sleep pattern, they would notice that even after a 7-hour sleep, they feel exhausted. This is because of the lack of a routine that disrupts the brain’s functions to rearrange information and send signals to the nerve cells to communicate and the body does not receive the command to repair, heal and restore energy for the next day. This is why people who have irregular sleep patterns and people who sleep for a very short period experience irritability and brain fogginess. These people also can find it harder to experience a positive attitude towards various situations and find it difficult to manage time and stress.

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Here’s why you need a healthy sleep routine

Jain says, “A regulated sleep pattern is largely directed by a good diet, routine habits, proper sleep routine, and sleep cues. A healthy amount of regulated sleep helps the cognitive state of mind to function at optimum levels.”

Sleep assists in reducing stress and managing it better, promotes the mind to think more creatively, and builds a positive frame of mind. People who practice regulated sleep patterns enjoy a healthy heart and increased metabolic rate while engaging in productive activities. This helps to better the blood flow and promotes the body to stay fit and active which in turn promotes a positive attitude in an individual. In this world that is running after a lot of things, it is of paramount importance to rest and allow our bodies to repair and heal.

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