Here are all the horrible things that happen when you don’t wash your hands after using the loo

If you skip the very important step of washing your hands with soap after using the loo, then this very important read is for you.
Keep hands clean
Hand hygiene is essential to avoid spread of diseases. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 22 Mar 2021, 16:52 pm IST
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Be honest and tell us: do you really wash your hands every time you use the loo? Caught you! We knew that there are a few of you that try to sneak out of the toilet either without washing their hands properly or not washing them at all. Well, well, if you too fall in this category then sorry to say this, but you’re making a big mistake. Because not washing your hands after using the loo can be dangerous. 

For starters, This habit can make you really sick

Washrooms are a breeding ground for pathogens. And if you often use a public toilet, then the situation be even worse. Because you never know who has touched what!

But still, many of us don’t understand the grimness of the situation and sneak out of the loo without washing or sanitizing our hands. Due to this, there are high chances of you catching infections.

You see, if you don’t wash your hands after the germs that are on your hands will be transferred to whatever you touch. And when you eat, you will invite these pathogens inside your system. And of course, they will take your case for being a lazy bum for sure.

Side effects of not washing your hands
Wash your hands like your mama taught you to fight covid-19 and other infections. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

From gut infections to even novel coronavirus you can get them all. In fact, you must know that The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already confirmed that the covid-19 virus can stay on surfaces for days, and you not washing your hands after using the loo can put you in spot. 

If you think that washing your hands before you eat is enough, then kindly pay attention to what we are about to tell you. The thing is that when you leave the loo without washing your hands and touch stuff that’s always around you–like your mobile phone or water bottle then those germs are going to transfer to those things. And every time you touch them you are accessing the germs all over again.

Not washing your hands can also wreck your skin

Your skin is really sensitive, especially your face. When you touch your skin with germ-laden hands. then your risk of getting skin problems goes up. According to dermatologists, you can get skin rashes, pimples, and skin irritation because of this.

Side effects of not washing your hands
Avoid regular skin woes just by washing your hands. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sadly, you can make other people sick as well 

Basically, you become a carrier of pathogens in this case. After that whoever you meet or greet gets a taste of the microorganisms that you are carrying from the loo. 

The thing is that germs have the propensity to linger on humans for a really long time. You not choosing to wash your hands after using the loo makes the situation for others even worse.  

Here’s the right way to wash your hands recommended by THE CDC

Just running your hands under water is not what you call cleaning your hands. Here’s how you should actually do it to get rid of these stubborn germs:

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Side effects of not washing your hands
Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer handy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Wash all the exposed areas of your hand.
2. Run it through water and then apply soap to scrub the germs off.
3. Rub between the fingers and behind the palm.
4. Scrub your nails on your palm to clean them up too.
5. According to the CDC, germs spread instantaneously on wet hands. That’s why you must dry your hands properly too.
6. Don’t throw away the paper towel right after you wipe your hands. Hang on to it to open the toilet door and then discard, as touching the door knob will expose you to more germs.

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