Here’s why getting a routine check-up is more important than you think

Getting a routine check-up can’t be ignored. That’s because preventative health care can really help to improve the quality of your life, and keep several diseases in control.
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Regular check-ups can help you stay healthy in the long-term. Image courtesy: Shuttesrstock
Sameer Bhati Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:21 pm IST
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Previously, people would see their doctors only when they were sick, or dying. Today, the situation looks way different — people are more empowered and educated, and have made health a priority. That’s exactly why preventive health care has become common.

Speaking about women, they go through unique health care challenges and mostly get diagnosed at the last stages. It has been observed that the leading causes of female mortality include chronic diseases like cardiovascular ailments, cancer, and diabetes. It is important for women to get regular medical checkups and screenings to stay healthy, so that they can spot signs of serious diseases and conditions early on. At this stage, it is easiest to treat them effectively.

Women are as prone to health conditions as men, when it comes to ailments like heart diseases and diabetes. However, the signs or symptoms may vary in women and also, they often tend to ignore the signs. This becomes detrimental to their overall health. Hence, it has become very important for women to start getting preventive health check-ups done, starting from the age of 30, so that an issue can be detected at an early stage. 

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Women handle several tasks on a day-to-day basis, but despite that, staying on top of their health should be a priority. It will not only keep them fit, active and healthy, but also ensure that their energy levels are maintained. This will help them work and manage things with more enthusiasm. Routine health check-ups help us in identifying diseases, and also act as a gateway in order to prevent them from occurring.

It isn’t that we have to visit a doctor every single day, but fixing a date for regular check-ups will help to ensure we’re healthy and are able to perform our duties properly. When women have a healthy mind and body, it’s only then that they will be able to concentrate better on their daily chores. 

Keeping track of your health

We tend to go to our physician, when we already have a specific medical problem. However, when we visit them from time to time, the physician would have seen us over a longer period of time, both in sickness and in health. This will help him/her to better assess physical or emotional changes that may signal a developing disease, or a decline in health. He or she can evaluate the personal risk factors for the leading causes of diseases, put them in perspective and help work toward lifestyle changes to minimize them.

Sometimes, we see that the number of crossed out periodic health check-ups on the calendar keeps rising until urgent intervention becomes a need. However, regular screening may even save one’s life because when we detect a disease early, we can prevent complications and improve the quality of our life.

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Regular check-ups and vaccination is a must. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

A complete check-up includes blood tests for general health, including regular check-ups for diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid function, heart disease, and major organ functions. With hectic lifestyles of today, infertility is on the rise. Two of the factors that contribute to infertility  are endometriosis and PCOS that can be detected during a health check-up. Hypothyroidism is another disease that is witnessing a spike these days. It can also be detected by a health check-up. Regular screening for ovarian, breast and cervical cancers, and other pelvic disorders also are a part of the comprehensive check-up.

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