Shreyas Talpade recovering from a heart attack: Know some heart attack recovery dos and don’ts

Actor Shreyas Talpade is recovering from a heart attack, which claimed lives of over 32,000 people in India in 2022. Read on to find out the heart attack recovery dos and don'ts to follow.
Recovering from a heart attack? Follow these dos and don'ts. Image courtesy: Instagram/Shreyas Talpade and Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Updated: 18 Dec 2023, 03:35 pm IST
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Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade, 47, left his family, friends and fans worried after he suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to a hospital where he had to undergo angioplasty. While he is on the road to recovery and heart attack cases have witnessed a rise this year, let us take a look at some heart attack recovery dos and don’ts.

What is a heart attack?

Medically known as a myocardial infarction, a heart attack occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart muscle is blocked, usually by a blood clot. This blockage can lead to damage or death of the heart muscle cells due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients, says cardiologist Dr Vivudh Pratap Singh.

What are the causes of heart attack?

A heart attack can be due to many reasons.

1. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

The most common cause is atherosclerosis, which is a condition where the coronary arteries (blood vessels supplying the heart) become narrowed. This happens due to the buildup of cholesterol and fats.

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Make lifestyle changes to avoid a heart attack. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Blood clots

A blood clot can form in a narrowed coronary artery, and reduce blood flow through an artery. And so, this can lead to a heart attack.

3. Spasm of coronary arteries

If there are sudden spasms, they can cause the arteries to narrow or close off temporarily, says the expert. One of its most common symptom is chest pain.

While heart attacks are more common in older individuals, several factors can contribute to heart attacks in young adults.

• Family history of heart disease
• Poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking.
Medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity
• Substance abuse, including cocaine or amphetamines.
• High levels of stress

What are the heart attack recovery dos and don’ts?

If we go by statistics, 32,457 people died due to heart attacks in 2022, as per the National Crime Records Bureau. It is significant jump from the 28,413 deaths recorded in 2021, according to the NCRB’s recent data on Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India. But some people are lucky, and recover from a heart attack.

Here are some recovery dos and don’ts:

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What to do after a heart attack?

1. Follow medical advice

Adhere to your doctor’s recommendations regarding medications and lifestyle changes after a heart attack. You might be required to go for some follow-up check-ups too.

2. Cardiac rehabilitation

Participate in a cardiac rehabilitation programme, suggests Dr Singh. This will help to improve heart health, as the programme will consist of exercise and education.

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Eat healthy for a strong heart. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

3. Healthy diet

Adopt a heart-healthy diet, which consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Limit eating foods that have saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium.

4. Regular exercise

Don’t give up working out after a heart attack. You can engage in moderate exercises that are recommended by your doctor and fitness expert to strengthen your heart.

5. Monitor vital signs

Keep a track of your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other vital signs that are advised by your doctor. If you see any major changes, check with your doctor.

What not to do after a heart attack?

1. Ignore symptoms

If you experience chest pain, shortness of breath or other warning signs then don’t take it lightly. Leave everything and seek medical attention at the earliest.

2. Resume smoking

Try to quit smoking if you have a habit, and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke as well. Smoking increases the risk of further heart problems, says the expert.

3. Drink too much alcohol

If you like to drink after work every day then it is time to put an end to it. Limit alcohol intake, as excessive drinking can have negative effects on your heart.

4. Ignore stress management

Stress does not only affect your mental health, but your heart too. Practice stress-reducing techniques such as meditation or yoga to manage your stress levels.

5. Ignore medications

Recovering from a heart attack requires a comprehensive approach that combines lifestyle changes, ongoing monitoring and medical treatment. That means taking prescribed medications regularly, and informing your doctor of any side effects or concerns are important too.

Surviving a first heart attack does not guarantee immunity from another. So, do your bit and make some lifestyle changes after suffering a heart attack.

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