It’s legit! Ghee and pepper mix treated my cough and cold

If you’re suffering from a cough, cold and stuffy nose, and nothing worked, try ghee and pepper mix. This remedy is legit, the best!
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Ghee is not suitable for everyone. So, it’s ok to cut it off from your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 01:22 pm IST
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With the harsh and cold winter season, cold and cough are commonplace. Given that these are Covid-19 times, we also need to find new ways to strengthen our immunity and keep safe. Considering the highly infectious newer variant Omicron, it has become crucial to take care of health. Even a minor cold can increase your risk of Covid-19 infection.

Recently, I also got a mild cold and cough. Although I tried many cough syrups and pills to help me bounce back to health, everything seemed to fail. When everything fails, my mom comes in with her handy guide of ‘gharelu nuskhe’. My mother fed me an unusually weird combination of ghee and black pepper. I ate a spoonful of it reluctantly. But I woke up feeling better than before.

I wasn’t expecting this from something that seemed like a midwife’s tale.

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Try the power duo of ghee and pepper to treat your cough. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

My instant treatment with ghee and pepper mix left me asking why and what. So, I began looking into the effectiveness of this homemade remedy. To my surprise, I found out that this is an Ayurvedic remedy that dates back to ancient times.

While understanding how it worked wonders for my cough and cold, I found out that there are many benefits associated with it.

Vinod Aggarwal, an Ayurveda expert, spoke to HealthShots about the benefits that come with this combination of ghee and pepper.

“Super ingredients like ghee and black pepper are often referred as the home remedies for indigestion and several other health issues. Every Indian household has these great ingredients, but when put together, these can work wonders for the overall health of the body.”

With improved lifestyle, regular exercise and a healthy diet, ghee and black pepper can together help in improving digestion, immunity and overall health.” says Aggarwal, CEO of BioResurge.

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Here’s how ghee and black pepper are beneficial for your overall health:

1 . Relieve joint pain

By consuming ghee and black pepper, joint pain is relieved to a great extent. Not only this, its consumption can control your sugar level. Hence, this holistic remedy also strengthens your bones while providing relief from inflammation.

“Chronic inflammation in the body could lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disease, joint pain, neck pain and knee pain to name a few. A concoction of ghee and black pepper can reduce inflammation and incidence of these diseases.” says Aggarwal.

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2. Beneficial for heart health and liver functioning

Experts say that the consumption of ghee and black pepper is considered beneficial for your heart and liver. According to National Institutes of Health, ghee contains omega 3 fatty acids that promote blood circulation. In addition, they help regulate sleep cycle, and also protect against the risk of organ damage.

Approving the fact, Aggarwal says, “The consumption of ghee and black pepper is also considered beneficial for the heart and liver. It increases blood circulation, regulates the sleep cycle, and also protects against the risk of organ damage.”

3. Strengthen your mind

Consuming ghee and black pepper can be great for brain health. “Consuming ghee and black pepper makes the brain sharp and keeps it healthy. Along with this, it also protects against multiple risks of cognitive decline,” adds Aggarwal.

4. Help boost immunity

Consumption of black pepper and ghee strengthens the immune system. It is the winter season and the third wave of Covid-19 is at its prime. In such times, it is necessary to build strong immunity to fight the virus. For this, you should consume this fantastic mixture regularly.

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Keep your immunity strong by eating ghee and pepper mix. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Improve eyesight

According to the National Institute of Health, regular consumption of ghee can be effective in improving eyesight. Ghee is a good source of Vitamin A which improves overall health. Therefore, make sure you consume ghee and black pepper if you’re troubled with eye problems.

6. Protects DNA damage:

Overexposure to heavy medication, pollution and excessive exposure to UV rays can damage your DNA. Therefore, consumption of ghee and black pepper also protects your DNA from damage.

7. Promote angiogenesis

This is a process which enables the body to create new blood vessels. If angiogenesis is working just right in the body, it will enable the heart to build new blood vessels as a diversion and continue with blood circulation. Inflammation, poor sleep cycles and intake of drugs can interfere with angiogenesis and lead to organ damage. Black pepper and ghee can together facilitate angiogenesis in the body.

8. Detoxify your body

Everything in our body begins and ends in your gut. Poor gut means poor health, skin, digestion, mental health, anxiety etc. A concoction of ghee (medium chain fatty acids) and black pepper can help in healing of the gut by removing toxins from the body.

What is the right way to consume ghee and black pepper?

If you’re all set to bask in the benefits of this awesome mix but don’t know how to eat it, we got you covered. Mix one teaspoon of desi ghee with 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper. Consume it every morning on an empty stomach. And just like that, its health benefits will follow!

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