Have you become very forgetful of late? These could be the 7 reasons behind it

Finding it hard to remember things? Well, that’s not a good sign, because if you’re becoming forgetful then it shows that all is not well with you.
Being forgetful tells a lot about your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Jan 2021, 11:26 am IST
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If you’ve found yourself forgetting things often, then it truly has become a habit. Of course, you can’t remember everything and it is normal to forget things once a while,  but what really is normal? Let’s find out. 

There are several memory problems people face, as they grow in age:

1. Absentmindedness: It is when you are completely lost in your own world, and due to lack of attention, you don’t remember what someone has said or done.

2. Transience: This is when you forget hardcore facts and events. If it happens very frequently, then according to experts, it’s a sign of your memory becoming weak.

3. Blocking: You must have been in situations, when you know the answer, and it feels like it’s on the tip of your tongue, but you find it hard to recall it. Well, that’s blocking.

4. Misattribution: It’s when you remember stuff in tit-bits.

But have you ever wondered if it’s happening with you frequently, then what’s the real reason behind it? Well, there are many reasons that can lead to forgetfulness, but today we want to share the top seven with you.

1. Stress

According to Dr Shivangi Pawar, consultant psychotherapist, stress and anxiety can lead to difficulty in concentration, and invite forgetfulness. These problems can interfere with your attention, and one may not be able to produce new memories or retrieve the old ones. Thus, stress can distract your brain when it is supposed to memorize information.

“You will find it difficult to remember a phone number or keep a track of the conversation that is going on. That extreme stress may lead to forgetfulness, when it comes to doing household chores. You may also forget where you kept your wallet or keys,” she reveals.

Ladies, if you’ve been too stressed lately then it could be one of the reasons that you are forgetting stuff. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Alcohol consumption

Drinking too much can cause forgetfulness. Too much alcohol consumption tends to interfere with your short-term memory. It is best to give up on alcohol or limit your alcohol consumption, say experts.

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3. Lack of sleep

If you do not sleep enough, then you’re certainly inviting memory issues. It is mandatory to get a maximum of eight hours of sleep on a daily basis. Not sleeping enough can make you feel low. You will experience mood changes, anxiety, and it can even take a toll on your memory.

She recommends:

You can take the help of a natural sleep inducer like chamomile tea, warm milk, yoga, meditation, etc.

4. Certain medications

Taking various medications for blood pressure and other serious conditions can also interfere with one’s memory. You will find it difficult to pay attention to what you are doing. Moreover, brain fog can also strike, and make you even more confused.

5. Depression

Depression is one of the common reasons for forgetfulness. You will have to speak to your doctor, if you are depressed and opt for counseling.

6. Ageing

With age, it’s natural for people to face cognitive problems. In extreme cases, older people may have problems such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. One might forget things or won’t be able to speak properly.

Do you know, women suffer more from Alzheimer’s? Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
7. Vitamin B12 deficiency

“Vitamin B12 is essential in the production of red blood cells and the brain. If you do not take enough Vitamin B12, then it can also lead to reversible memory loss and dementia-like symptoms in youngsters,” she concludes.

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