Nail your nail care routine with these 5 tips for winter

Exposure to harsh winter weather affects the skin as well as your nails. Take a look at these dermat-recommended tips to protect your nails.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 28 Dec 2021, 15:15 pm IST
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As much as I love winter, I don’t love all the beauty problems that come uninvited during this season. You must be familiar with issues such as dry and itchy skin, hair problems like dandruff, and many more. In addition, if you are experiencing slow nail growth, brittle nails, nail breakage, nail splitting, and other nail problems nowadays, winter is to blame here as well. 

So, how does cold weather lead to nail breakage?

As the winter progresses, nails also become lifeless and dry. People often take special care of their hair and skin, but forget to take care of their nails. Due to this, the problem of nail breakage arises in winter. 

nails care in winter
Pay attention to your nails. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics, “It may be your dream to keep your nails healthy and strong during those chilly days, but this dream can turn into a nightmare. Yes, winter can lead to brittle, flaky, and dryness of the nails. Moreover, nails are prone to chip and break. The cuticles get damaged and nails become brittle and may break.”

It is imperative for you to take utmost care of your nails, and keep them in top shape during the chilly months.

Today, with the help of Dr Kapoor we will tell you how you can care for your nails in winter:

1. Moisturize

As with everything else, our nails lose a ton of moisture during the winter season, when the temperature begins to drop. Therefore, lack of moisture can result in dry and brittle nails. So keep your hands, fingers, and nails moisturised to prevent moisture loss from the cold weather, and safeguard your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking. You can speak to your doctor about the right kind of moisturizer that is suitable for you.

You can apply either coconut or almond oil to the cuticles and massage gently to nourish them. 

2. Use a nail mask

Move over face and hair masks, nail masks are here and will soon make it to your ‘must have’ list. Get masking to receive deep nourishment and strengthen your nail bed.

You can use any type of nail mask to nourish your nails. You can apply honey and egg mask to the nails or even lemon juice with baking soda.

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3. Cuticle oil

It’s a common practice to cut, push back, or try to get rid of cuticles altogether, but cuticles aren’t the enemy. In fact, the cuticle is the nail’s natural protective seal. Moisturizing the cuticles with cream or oil helps protect and strengthen your nails. 

nails care in winter
Use oil to keep your nails safe during winter. Image: Shutterstock

Dr Kapoor says that just like your hair, even oil can be used for the nails. Yes, you heard it right! Cuticle oils hydrate the cuticle, skin, and nail area, and help in preventing breakage of the nails. Use a good oil for your nails.

4. Try to always apply the base coat

If you are not doing so, do that now. Always apply a base coat for protection, because this keeps the nails safe from environmental damage and also gives them a natural looking shine. In addition, applying a base coat can hydrate and strengthen the nails by avoiding breakage. It also makes the polish look better on your nails, ladies. So the next time you decide to paint your nails, do not skip applying a base coat. 

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5. Wear gloves

Wear gloves for better nail care, when working with your hands. This is when you are gardening, house cleaning, washing dishes, or using harsh chemicals. When you wear gloves, you protect your nails from getting dry and at the same time, keep dirt out of your nails. Doing so can protect your nails from breakage and cold weather.

So ladies, be gentle towards your nails and follow these tips.

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