Facing heart problems after Covid-recovery? Here’s what an expert has to say

The after-effects of covid-19 have been pretty severe, so much so that several patients have witnessed heart issues. Here’s what you need to know
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Dr Rajan Thakur  Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:10 pm IST
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The lowering of covid-19 cases has given much-needed respite to doctors, medical experts and caregivers. However, despite complete recovery, post-covid complications including irregular heart rate, chest pain, anxiety and others are being seen in heart patients. Now, experts opine that patients, especially those suffering from chronic heart ailments, should get their hearts checked to protect themselves against critical or life-threatening conditions.

“Coronavirus infection can cause inflammation in the body, which can ultimately lead to weakening of heart muscles, irregular rhythm and clot formation in blood vessels. Older people and people with serious medical conditions are likely to experience lingering covid-19 symptoms but even younger people can feel unwell for weeks to months after infection,”  said Dr Rajan Thakur — chairman and director, Heart hospital, Patna. 

Prevention is better than cure

According to him, patients who are already suffering from underlying diabetes and high blood pressure are at higher risk of heart-related problems and they have to be more careful. He also adds that most common symptoms in such cases include fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, joint pain, memory, concentration or sleeping problems, fast or pounding heartbeat, depression or anxiety, and fever. If not taken proper care of, the underlying conditions can also increase the risk of heart failure.

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“Patients who have developed severe or acute chest pain or suffering from any kind of heart disease should immediately consult a cardiologist and get an imaging test done. There could be many reasons behind the symptoms, and it is better to seek expert care than self-diagnosis of the disease, which may turn fatal. The doctors can exactly determine the cause of the problem and decide the best course of treatment to stabilize the condition for fast recovery,” he added.

Vaccination: Need of the hour

He also stressed that vaccination is the only defence against the coronavirus and its after-effects, and individuals should immediately get themselves vaccinated as quickly as possible. He also advises people to follow covid-appropriate behaviour, including wearing of masks, social distancing or use of hand sanitizers, especially in public places. This is extremely important to avoid the risk of infection. 

“Patients must understand that the war against covid-19 is not over as yet. Heart patients should be extremely cautious of the possible risks until 70% of the population is completely vaccinated so that herd immunity is developed and chances of contracting coronavirus are minimal,” he said.

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