Don’t toss and turn in bed tonight. Instead, try these 4 exercises to sleep better

Our lifestyles today are causing sleep problems in an increasing number of people. But there’s nothing to worry about because these 4 exercises for sleep can help!
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Shreya Gupta Published: 7 Jan 2021, 13:08 pm IST
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When it comes to sleep, there are a lot of factors that determine its quality. Two of the most important factors include nutrition and your mental health, and in case everything is right on this front, then you might need to make some lifestyle changes. Apart from that, you also need to watch over your caffeine consumption. 

What’s more, incorporating some exercises for sleep might help you fall asleep much faster, and can also improve the quality of your sleep. Exercise reduces your stress levels that help calm your mind before bed. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine also found that exercise, irrespective of the time you are doing it, does promote restful sleep

So, here are 4 exercises for sleep you can try.

Note: Incorporate these exercises in your daily routine, and avoid doing them close to bedtime.

1. Go for a walk

If you’re someone who is always stressed and that makes falling asleep harder for you, then you must try walking. Walking will not only help you de-stress, but it can be a nice way to combat your sleep struggles. Walk at your own pace to relax and unwind after a long day, this will provide you with both the benefits of exercise and nature.

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2. Do stretches

Stretching is a great way to release all the muscle tension, pain and achiness. And if you have any of these issues, then stretching will be great for you. Pain and aches can really prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, but stretching helps to loosen up your stiff muscles. Try incorporating a few minutes of deep stretching, before you hit the sack.

3. Easy strength training

If you are failing to fall asleep because you aren’t that tired, then burning off the extra energy is the best way, and the only way to sleep better. Try some intense workouts such as strength training, but make sure you are not exercising very close to your bedtime.

4. Try jumping rope

Because of a constant flow of multiple thoughts, you might feel distracted at night, and that might prevent you from dozing off. Jumping rope can streamline your thoughts, easing stress and anxiousness before bed. So, try jumping rope and go at your own pace and count your jumps, this will give you the benefits of exercise and counting sheep at the same time.

benefits of skipping
A few minutes of skipping can help you sleep better. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Try these exercises for sleep today and rest better tonight!

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