Exercise helps to increase Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and we have the science to prove it

Most of us know engaging in regular physical activity is a good idea, but did you know it also helps to increase Covid-19 vaccine efficacy?
Covid-19 vaccine
Exercise helps increase Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and science proves it.
Geetika Sachdev Published: 10 Jun 2021, 10:23 am IST
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Everybody…move your body! Well, these might be the lyrics of a song, but they hold true in every way. So, get up and shake your body. The real reason is regular physical activity doesn’t just help to enhance overall health and well-being, but also improves your immune response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Yes, this has been testified by a new research in Sports Medicine.

As per research, engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity per day at least five days a week can bring down the risk of contracting infectious diseases by 31%. What’s more, mortality also reduced by 37% in those who exercised regularly. But here’s the best news—those who made it a point to exercise every single day showed higher antibody concentration after vaccination. Experts say that regular physical activity helps to increase the number of T-cells and CD4 cells, both of which enhance immune function.

Covid-19 vaccine
Those who exercise every day showed higher antibody concentration after vaccination. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
How does exercise help?

There are several ways in which exercise helps. For one, when you exercise regularly, you can keep infectious diseases at bay. Plus, it also decreases the occurrence of lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, exercising every day helps to reduce inflammation in the body, and also lowers stress levels. Last but not the least, regular exercise helps to enhance the efficiency of your immune system. But here’s another thing you need to know –go outside and exercise, and you’ll see a HUGE difference.

Covid-19 vaccine
Regular exercise helps enhance the efficiency of your immune system. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Why must you go outside?

There’s a study published in Lancet Public Health that shows there’s a strong link between greater exposure to green spaces and better public health. In fact, it is believed that those who even live in greener areas live longer.

So, going outside and exercising, and also spending time with friends and family can help to tackle both physical and emotional health effectively.

The last word

Various reports suggest that the virus is not going to disappear for a long time. That’s why it will become a mandate to protect ourselves from covid-19, just like other infectious diseases. Apart from getting immunised, it is important to follow all the strategies including hand washing and sanitising, quitting smoking and prohibiting alcohol consumption, managing stress and eating a healthy diet. Do not underestimate the power of quality sleep, because even one night of bad sleep can reduce immune response by 70 percent.

Also, make sure to get regular medical check-ups to manage your health.

  • 139
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