Eating garlic to control cholesterol? Keep these things in mind

Eating garlic can be good to control cholesterol. However, you must take it in limits instead of using it as a substitute for medicines.
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Know the benefits of garlic for reducing high cholesterol levels. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 14 Jul 2022, 21:56 pm IST
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Garlic, known for its distinctive smell and taste, is a common ingredient found in most of our Indian kitchens. Garlic has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Keeping your cholesterol levels in control is essential for your heart health. Garlic can help you with it! It is regarded as being excellent for decreasing cholesterol levels and reducing blood clotting. But there are certain precautions you should take if you use garlic to lower your cholesterol.

What the studies say about garlic to control cholesterol levels

Garlic is said to be quite effective in lowering cholesterol levels, according to a study cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. It is possible to reduce cholesterol by up to 7 percent with garlic extract. According to a research, when hypercholesterolemic males consumed this extract, their LDL cholesterol decreased by 10 percent.

Two garlic pills (each containing 400 mg of garlic) should be taken daily for six weeks, according to another study. One milligram of allicin can lower LDL cholesterol levels by 17 percent and total cholesterol by 12 percent. It can lower triglyceride levels by as much as 6 percent. The study also discovered that consuming raw garlic extracts decreased blood levels of total, LDL, and triglycerides.

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Alter your lifestyle habits to keep cholesterol levels in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is the relationship between HDL and garlic?

While lowering LDL, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels are benefits of garlic. it may have a favourable impact on HDL levels (good high density).

After consuming garlic supplements for up to 6 weeks, some studies suggest that HDL levels rose by 15 percent. Researchers and experts have also said that after consuming garlic extracts for four months, a generally improved blood lipid profile was seen.

Things to keep in mind before using garlic to control cholesterol levels

1. Garlic is not a replacement for medication

The health benefits of garlic are many, but you must know that it has a brief cholesterol-lowering impact. To continue reaping the advantages, you must continue eating garlic every day. Low cholesterol levels cannot be maintained even six months after quitting consumption of garlic.

2. Side effects of garlic

Some people may also see mild side effects of eating garlic. These include such as bad breath, bloating and gastric problems. But in most people eating, two buds of garlic isn’t usually problematic.

Garlic helps to prevent clots from forming in your blood. In case you are already on medication for it, it can lead to excessive bleeding after a wound or cut. In such a case, it would be best to consult your doctor before eating garlic daily.

Garlic has many health benefits
Garlic has many health benefits, but it needs to be consumed in moderation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The last word

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Yes, garlic can help cholesterol management, but it doesn’t mean you can stop your medication. Try to consume garlic on a daily basis, but keep taking your medication, as well as maintain a healthy diet.

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