Doctor’s Day: 6 docs you must follow on Instagram for health tips

Health advice is rarely fun, but these doctors on Instagram manage to keep us entertained while breaking down complex problems 
doctor's day
Let's take a look at some popular doctors on Instagram. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:06 pm IST
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Social media is full of influencers nowadays, who keep posting great content about lifestyle, fashion, travel and beauty. However, Instagram is now being adopted by a lot of professionals too, and the most amazing of them all are our doctors. Post Covid-19, several doctors have been regularly posting innovative content to engage with their audiences. So, if you now want to know more about a particular health issue, there are a lot of doctors to provide you the information you need via social media. On Doctor’s Day, let’s get to know some of these doctors who are popular on Instagram.

Here’s a list of doctors you should follow on Instagram to get a lowdown on multiple things related to health:

1. Dr Tanaya Narendra

Famously known by her Instagram handle dr_cuterus, Dr Tanaya is an internationally trained medical doctor and she is an expert in matters of embryology. In fact, she is famous for talking about taboo topics such as masturbation and sex while breaking down complex medical conditions related to menstruation and fertility. Her Instagram videos are both fun and engaging with her expressions always on point.

2. Dr Siddhant Bhargava

Dr Siddhant, popular as Alia Bhatt’s nutritionst, is a lifestyle and weight management expert who explains to his audience about the importance of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.With his extremely creative and genuine content, he keeps everyone hooked. Not just that, watch our for his dancing sessions too.

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3. Dr Rashmi Shetty

She is not only one of India’s leading celebrity dermatologists, but her content on skin care and tips for skin maintenance are insightful. From skin to hair solutions, you will find a range of suggestions for your well-being.


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4. Dr Ishinna Sadana

A famous parental coach, Dr Ishinna’s content on parenting advice is a must watch for all the parents who are dealing with issues related to their kids. In fact, during her live sessions, she engages with multiple parent bloggers in order to discuss the problems parents face and how they should ideally deal with such challenges. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with kids stuck at home, her content has become more relatable.

5. Dr Ruby Tandon

Another popular dermatologist, Dr Ruby creates fun content on social media and talks about everything – from skin care to health and ways of maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. She debunks myths, demonstrates how to use skincare tools and suggests quick fixes.

6. Dr Vishakha

A health coach, Dr Vishakha is often seen telling her audience on how to start eating and living healthy. Since she is very active on Instagram, she often engages with experts in live sessions to spread awareness about healthy living and disease reversal. Obesity, PCOS, Type 2 diabetes and fatty liver are some of the health issues that she addresses by blending medicine and nutrition.

These doctors are really aiming at helping people stay healthy with their creative videos, and all we can do, as an audience, is to support them completely.

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