Diabetics, keep these tips handy to protect yourself from Omicron

Covid-19 and its variants like Omicron have made it difficult for people with diabetes. But we will help you in figuring this out too because friend, it is not over yet.
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Parmita Uniyal Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 13:24 pm IST
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Amid the rapidly increasing cases of Omicron across the world, experts advise people to get fully-vaccinated as soon as they can and increase their natural immunity by exercising regularly and eating an antioxidant-rich diet.

While getting vaccinated will arm you with T-cell immunity, eating timely and nutritious meals will make sure to boost your natural immunity.

People with certain health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure need to be cautious amid the rising cases of Covid-19 and put their health on priority at all costs.

Vaccination is the BEST way to prevent omicron as well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“People with diabetes have low levels of immunity pe se. They need to keep their sugar levels controlled, visit their doctors, take insulin as required, get themselves vaccinated,” says Dr. Viny Kantroo, Consultant Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in a YouTube LIVE session, adding, “they should be the ones who must take care of their weight and exercise regularly.”

Obesity can increase chances of getting severe disease in case of Covid-19 infection. The combination of obesity and diabetes is especially lethal. Dr Kantroo advises people with diabetes to keep their weight in check.

“Being obese is detrimental to your health including having severe kind of Covid 19 presentation. If you have more weight, you have more chances of getting Covid-19,” says the expert.

Your diet can also play a big role in preventing you from infections and diseases. An antioxidant-rich diet is recommended to ward off viruses.

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“Include antioxidants like nuts, fruits and salads in your diet. Antioxidants basically prevent new kind of damages to your DNA – the chemicals that are produced inside your body – and per se to your immunity,” says Dr Kantroo.

She advises a handful of nuts which is about 30 gm or 1 ounce per day for adults and children to ward off infections and diseases.

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“Please take care of your health and health conditions. If you are on inhalers, insulin or any kind of treatment for your underlying conditions, please take them on time and meet your doctors and take their advice,” concludes Dr Kantroo.

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