Debunking Covid-19 myths: Do not use portable oxygen spray cans to treat hypoxia

There’s a new theory doing the rounds that portable oxygen spray cans can help to contain the Covid-19 virus. Well, it’s a big misconception, and we are here to tell you why.
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Low oxygen levels can be a symptom of many health problems. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 4 May 2021, 17:26 pm IST
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Currently, there is an overload of information regarding covid-19, which makes it difficult for people to differentiate between right and wrong. With patients struggling in hospitals due to shortage of oxygen, there’s a new theory that’s doing the rounds. Several people believe that using portable oxygen spray cans will help to deal with the virus. But, is it really true? Well, the answer is a big NO. 

These oxygen cans are being sold on the pretext of being lifesavers because they provide you with instant access to oxygen. Debunking myths at the right time is important to prevent potential side-effects. Moreover, if these misconceptions are not killed, they will reach millions of people and cause an epidemic of misinformation. 

In fact, there are several online platforms that are already trying to cash in on this information and selling these oxygen cans at exorbitant rates. Do not get fooled or fall prey to it. We’ll tell you why. 

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Why oxygen spray cans don’t help

Unlike what is promised by this product, it doesn’t solve any medical emergency. Experts reveal that a patient requires at least one litre per minute, and these sprays largely contain 12 litres of oxygen. Relying on them can even lead to loss of life.

These products take advantage of the fear and panic that has crept into the lives of the public. Although there is no difference between medical grade oxygen and the contents of these spray cans, the method of administration matters. Plus, they don’t even work in cases of acute respiratory failure in which continuous supply of oxygen is essential. These oxygen cans are only suited for those who engage in high-altitude treks or mountaineering expeditions. 

That’s exactly why it is important to steer clear of these oxygen cans and not store them at home. They can prove to be hazardous. 

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The use of high-flow oxygen

Oxygen supply is important in cases of extreme covid-19 symptoms in which SpO2 levels fall below normal. Be it a hospital or home-isolation, oxygen can only be administered under medical supervision. Some experts believe 2 to 3 litres per minute is what is required by patients, until they manage to get a hospital bed. 

So, do not fall for any such fad and get treatment in consultation with your doctor. Even one wrong step can cause you more harm than good.

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