Can eating chicken and meat give you coronavirus? Well, let these experts answer that for you

Published on:6 March 2020, 09:00am IST
No, eating non-vegetarian food cannot give you coronavirus. And if you don't believe us, listen to the experts.
Aishwarya Chopra
You can feast on those kebabs–as long as they are cooked well–without being worried about contracting. coronavirus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

We are all suffering at the hands of the rampant spread of coronavirus–one of the most contagious diseases we have experienced so far. To help save us from its dangerous clutches, many guidelines have been issued by the Indian government as well as international health bodies.

But along with this information, comes a long trail of misinformation. And one of the most apparent ones seems to be the myth that eating poultry can spread coronavirus.

Can eating chicken really expose you to a coronavirus infection?
FSSAI chief GSG Ayyangar’s press briefing today puts into question the credibility of this piece of information that is finding its way everywhere.

In his statement today, Ayyangar asserted that “it is not scientifically proven” that coronavirus spreads through eating chicken, mutton and seafood, also mentioning that the virus cannot survive in high temperatures that are involved in cooking.

On the question of how the coronavirus spreads, Ayyangar responded: “It is basically an animal virus. Let us leave it to scientists to figure out how it has been transmitted… However, ours is a tropical country and once the temperature crosses 35 to 36 degrees celsius, no virus will survive.”

coronavirus foods to avoid
Wash your chicken properly and cook it well to avoid any disease and not just coronavirus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The fact that the WHO hasn’t issued any guidelines about avoiding poultry is another thing to keep in mind.

That said, it is important to know where your food is coming from
“Sick animals and animals that have died of diseases should not be eaten.” This is the WHO’s stance on eating meat and chicken in the day and age of coronavirus.

Another guideline issued by WHO states: “Even in areas experiencing outbreaks, meat products can be safely consumed if these items are cooked thoroughly and properly handled during food preparation.”

All in all, meat consumption it would seem has no bearings on your chances of getting coronavirus. But in order to safeguard yourself from any disease, it is important that you buy meat from trusted sources, clean it properly, and cook it well before consuming it.

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  1. Why should animals be eaten in the first place?
    You are all very well educated people, should have some ethics in life…
    Can’t see your child getting a slap in the school even he/she has done wrong.
    Why don’t you ever give a thought about how much unimaginable cruelty goes behind your meat and chicken dishes.
    Think about it please….

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