Common winter problems that might affect you and how to protect yourself

With winter comes a lot of health problems, and we are here to help you tackle all of them. So, scroll down to ward off winter ailments.
how to deal with winter problems?
Common winter problems that might affect you and how to protect yourself. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Rohit Shelatkar Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 11:10 am IST
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It’s the perfect time to enjoy sumptuous meals, festivals, weddings, and even vacations. As much as we look forward to winter dressing, we cannot ignore the fact that this winter season also has its nasty side. The downside of winter manifests itself in the form of illness and health problems. Winter is a time to watch out for skin diseases and respiratory infections, especially in some cities with high levels of air pollution.

It is vital to address these winter ailments to avoid complications. Having said that, scroll down to know how to keep your health in check during winter.

How to prevent common winter ailments?

Bid adieu to common winter problems with these tips:

Common Cold

We frequently dismiss the common cold as an inevitable aspect of the changing seasons. The throat and nose are both obstructed by the common cold. Some of the common symptoms include runny nose, cough and congestion, dry throat, body ache and low body temperature. Young children and infants may experience cold more frequently.

common cold in winter
Home remedies for common cold in winter. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

The common cold, which can affect both adults and children, might go away in a few days with some home remedies. However, one should see a doctor or look for COVID-19 signs if the cold persists for longer than 7 days. To recover from this health issue, it is important to rest, eat homemade cuisine, drink plenty of fluids, and take steam baths.


While not a dangerous illness like the common cold, the flu should still be taken seriously. In addition to other symptoms that might ruin the season, the flu can also result in body aches, sore throats, fevers, headaches, and other symptoms similar to a cold.

Maintain respiratory hygiene by regularly washing your hands to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses like the flu. It may help the flu, but you should avoid being outside in the smog. Home remedies like ginger-lemon drink, soups, and lentils filled with protein might hasten recovery.

Joint pain

Most often, it affects elderly or arthritis patients. In rare circumstances, a sudden drop in temperature can cause joint pain that makes people immobile. Wear warm clothing to alleviate the pain. To keep the body warm, one needs exercise, especially during the winter.


Pneumonia is another lung infection that is frequent in the winter. Bacterial infections can vary in severity from moderate to severe. Although it can be managed at home, more extensive medical care may be required if it worsens. People with compromised immune systems or medical disorders like asthma, heart disease, or even cancer are more likely to get pneumonia. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to recognise this condition in its initial stages. But if the patient has a chronic cold or a high fever, it is preferable to call a doctor.

Pneumonia in winter
Home remedies for pneumonia in winter. Image courtesy:, Shutterstock

In the winter, it’s crucial to eat a balanced diet. With the weather, people prefer to eat more and to be more sedentary, but it is crucial to be active for at least 30 to 40 minutes of each day.

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Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity result in poor circulation, which in turn causes the body to store more fat. Additionally, fat cells have been linked to immune system deterioration and inflammation.

Thus, it is very important to be active during winters. Most of us tend to wind up in our beds and eat more which slowdowns our metabolism leading to weight gain.

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