Cold wave alert! Follow these 8 golden rules to stay safe from the biting cold

There’s going to be a major dip in temperatures in North India, but worry not! We have a foolproof guide for you to tackle the incoming cold wave in the most effective manner.
cold wave
Just adhere to this rulebook and enjoy your new year, without worrying about the cold wave. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 28 Dec 2020, 13:06 pm IST
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Is the cold wave alert wrecking your new year’s plan? Are you also worried about the elders in your family, as the temperature is going to plummet in the coming days? Relax guys! This cold wave is not going to harm either you or your family. You know why? Because we’ve laid down some golden rules that will help you tackle this cold wave like a pro!

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned the public that mercury will start dipping in the northern part of the country, and dense fog will envelop us all. And this will start from tomorrow i.e. Tuesday (December 29th) onwards. According to the authorities, the temperature is likely to go below the five degree mark.

But why this sudden cold wave? That’s because of the weather disturbance in the Himalayas. According to IMD officials, cold and dry northerly and northwesterly winds from the western Himalayas are the reason behind this temperature dip. And unfortunately, there is not going to be any respite from it anytime soon.

cold wave
Flu is very common during winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The biggest worry of them all is that this dip in mercury will invite more diseases amidst the pandemic. IMD officials also gave out a warning that there is a higher likelihood of people catching the flu, or suffering from a running nose and nosebleeds. Furthermore, they also suggest that if you experience major chills along with shivering, then you should consult with a doctor. They have requested everyone to stay indoors to stay protected.

“Frostbite can occur due to prolonged exposure to cold. The skin turns pale, hard and numb and eventually black blisters appear on the exposed body parts, such as fingers, toes, nose and or earlobes. Severe frostbite needs immediate medical attention and treatment,” the IMD said in its health warning. 

But before you start worrying about yourself and your family’s well-being, just go through these guidelines issued by the IMD to deal with this ruthless weather. 

IMD suggests you to abide by these eight things, so that you can tackle the cold wave:
1. Keep yourself moisturized

Your skin and hair can be severely affected by this cold weather, which can make them dull and dry. That’s why it is important to keep moisturizing your skin with a deep nourishing cream or oil.

2. Stay hydrated and consume vitamin C

We are all now aware about the importance of vitamin C. Yes, it’s all about boosting your immunity, so have generous doses of this vitamin. Plus, have sufficient amounts of fluids to avoid dryness and/or dehydration.

cold wave
Drink lemon water to increase the intake of vitamin C. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. No alcohol please!

Yes, we know you might have stocked up your cellar for the New Year bash, but do you know consuming alcohol can lower your body temperature, even further? Not a good idea in the biting cold then is it?

4. Stay indoors to stay warm

Do not step out unnecessarily to avoid getting sick—either at the hands of the cold weather or covid-19!

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5. Wear warm clothes

If you stay in a place that sees much snow and/or rain, then use gumboots to keep your feet from getting wet. If you get wet, then change your clothes immediately to stay warm. This will prevent loss of body heat. You can also keep yourself warm with several layers, rather than just wearing a coat or a pullover.

6. Don’t rub your skin vigorously

In case a certain area of your body is cold, say your feet or hands, then use lukewarm water to regulate the body temperature, rather than rubbing the skin vigorously. In case the affected area turns black (like a bruise), immediately call your doctor and take his/her advice.

7. Maintain ventilation

If you are using a heater in your room, then please ensure that there is proper ventilation in the room so that you or your family members don’t inhale toxic fumes.

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8. Use heating devices carefully

If you are using gas-based or electrical heating devices at home to keep yourself warm, then read the safety manual thoroughly to avoid any mishap.

Apart from these tips, you must consume foods that will help you keep warm, such as dates, almonds, ginger, and black pepper. In fact, you can also do some low-intensity indoor exercises to keep yourself warm.

So ladies, kindly follow this rulebook, and keep yourself safe amid this cold wave crisis.

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