Losing this amount of weight can help you cut diabetes risk!

Weight loss for diabetes reversal is a factor you must take seriously. An expert tells you how you can cut weight responsibly.
weight loss and diabetes
Reducing weight can reduce your diabetes risk! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:05 pm IST
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Diabetes has turned into a global epidemic, increasing the risk of more health problems and deaths. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019, diabetes was the ninth leading cause of deaths. Also, over the years, the term diabesity – the coexistence of both diabetes and obesity – has gained prominence. While a lot of experts emphasize on weight loss to bring diabetes under control, we wonder whether losing weight alone can slim down your Type 2 diabetes risk! And if yes, just how much weight would you need to lose? Come, let’s find out if weight loss for diabetes reversal works.

According to Dr Anjali Nakra, a lifestyle medicine physician, the answer to whether weight loss can lead to diabetes reversal, is “YES”.

“Around 15 kg weight loss is the magic figure for remission of diabetes from the research on diabetes reversal. Even losing 5-7 percent of body weight helps. Losing the extra fat from liver and pancreas, which hampers the glucose metabolism is the key,” Dr Nakra, Founder of Delhi-based Path to Health clinic, tells Health Shots.

Type 2 diabetes  can be prevented and managed with lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.

diabetes reversal
Keeping a check on your diabetes levels is important. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Does weight loss for diabetes reversal work for all?

“weight loss may be effective for most people to normalise blood sugar, both in diabetes and Prediabetes, “it may not be the magic pill for some people,” answers Dr Nakra.

Still, you must indulge in healthy and sustainable weight loss techniques.

“After having lost weight, it is important to maintain it to reap the benefit of normal blood sugar,” adds the expert.

Weight loss tips for diabetes reversal:

1. Choose low calorie foods:

Go for low calorie foods. Vegetables and fruits are low calorie andnutrient rich, so pile your plate with them. Even if half your plate is full of steamed vegies, it will be less than 100 calories. The more colours you have on the plate, the more vitamins, and phytonutrients you get, and lots of fibre too.

healthy foods for diabetes
Correct your eating habits to combat diabetes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Choice of grains

Go for unrefined grains, and eat different grains. Whole millets are good alternatives for wheat and rice, experiment with different millets like sorghum, ragi, kodu millet, proso millet, quinoa to keep intake of usual grains like wheat and rice less.

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3. Pack in protein

Include protein in your. Eat plant proteins and they would have much less fat. Eat lean cuts, if you take animal protein. For example, a chicken breast will have much less fat than chicken legs. And remember to trim the visible fat always!

4. Unprocessed food

Have food as close to natural form as possible. Refined foods, or anything made from them, like cookies and bakery products are bad for blood sugar. They will not only increase blood sugar, will fatigue the pancreas also.

refined fpods
Avoid packaged foods such as cookies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Cut the fat

Go low on fat. Fatty acids in the blood block the entry of insulin, causing glucose to accumulate in the blood. Diabetes is indeed as much about high blood fats as about blood sugar.

6. Go minimal

Portion control for weight loss is an old trick! Eat small portions to control calories. Eating in a smaller plate and exercising conscious eating, will be helpful.

7. Walk

Make sure you include walk in your schedule. Walking for weight loss is a good idea. It’s a wonderful exercise and can be done anytime, anywhere. On a bad weather day, walk at home!

walking for weight loss
Simple walking every day can make a difference. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Strength training

Indulging in strength training can improve your muscle mass and strength and make them burn more calories.

9. Make logs

Keep a log of food, activity and weight. You will notice that it helps.

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