3 steps actress Bipasha Basu wants you to follow before getting vaccinated for COVID19

We are being exposed to information regarding coronavirus. But, actress Bipasha Basu shared a post with 3 simple steps on how to be prepared and ready for the covid-19 vaccine.
Bipasha Basu shares information on COVID vaccination
Bipasha Basu recommends following these 3 simple steps before taking the COVID vaccine. Image courtesy: Bipasha Basu | Facebook
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 6 May 2021, 13:54 pm IST
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While Covid-19 has dramatically affected our lives, the good news is that the vaccines have been rolled out which can protect us from the harmful virus. The vaccination drive has also attracted a lot of queries regarding the right way to prepare before getting the jab and if certain steps could be taken to enhance the efficacy of the vaccine dose. 

So, if you are also wondering what to do before taking the vaccine, then check out what Bollywood actress and model Bipasha Basu has to say as she offers three effective and easy to follow steps that one can use before taking the Covid-19 vaccine. 

Recently, on her Instagram, she posted guidelines on how to be prepared for vaccination and in her caption, she wrote, “Be prepared and ready. Take the vaccine.”

Check out her post here: 

Bipasha Basu advised to follow these 3 simple steps before you get the vaccine dose:
1. Take a good night sleep

Want to get the most out of the Covid-19 vaccine? Make sure you get proper and a good sleep before you get your shot of vaccine. 

So, Bipasha informed her followers that, “you should always be sleeping well but the night before is important. Science shows us how better and deeper sleep will make the antibody mechanism more powerful hence, the vaccine more effective.”

In fact, ever since the vaccination campaign began, healthcare experts are advising people to sleep properly before and after getting the vaccination because it is an important factor with respect to building a strong immune system.

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2. Stay hydrated

Drinking adequate amounts of water is important for the body to function properly and prevents you from dehydration and carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Hydration by way of drinking water before the vaccine contributes to your well-being and that’s what Bipasha suggested.

Bipasha Basu shares information on COVID vaccination
Stay hydrated to stay fit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Consume zinc-rich foods

Bipasha specifically advised that “take your zinc supplement or eat zinc-rich foods such as flax, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, eggs, legumes, lentils, dairy, poultry, whole grains, fruits, veggies.”

This is an important point as zinc deficiency adversely affects the growth and functioning of immunity enhancing cells. Zinc rich foods boost immunity, lower blood pressure, improve oxygen levels, fight inflammation, improve digestive health and support brain health.

In the end, Bipasha also highlighted the Placebo and nocebo effect of “no fear”.  On getting the vaccine, she added “take it with faith or belief, no point imagining the worst and expecting the best. Intend for it to be safe and work for you in the best way possible in divine order and your highest good – that’s all!”

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