Best water purifiers under 10000: 9 picks for pure water

Quench your thirst with clean and safe drinking water by using the best water purifiers under 10000.
Invest in a good water purifier to drink healthy water. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Updated: 8 Jul 2024, 05:12 pm IST
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Drinking clean and safe water is the key to keeping germs and pollutants out of your system. This can help protect your body from water-borne diseases like typhoid, diarrhea and more. The most effective way to keep your water pure and safe for drinking is to use the best water purifier for your home. This household machine helps remove undesirable chemicals from water by using various methods of purification like filtration, distillation and reverse osmosis. It can help remove contaminants, improve the taste and odour of your drinking water. Drinking purified water can also help prevent the risk of waterborne diseases and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal issues. It may even support your overall health by ensuring that your body remains hydrated with clean water. So, if you are someone, who is looking for water purifiers but tight on budget, we have got you covered! Here is a list of the best water purifiers under 10000 that you may try.

What is a water purifier?

Water purifiers are device, which are specially designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water. It can make your drinking water safe and clean. By using several methods of purification like reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, activated carbon and filtration, the best water purifiers for Indian homes can help eliminate harmful substances like bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals and viruses from your water. It can help improve the taste and overall quality of the water, ensuring that you stay safe from waterborne diseases.

9 best water purifiers under 10000

Check out the best water purifiers that are under 10K to get clean and safe water:

1. Aqua D Pure 4 in 1 Copper RO Water Purifier

With innovative active copper and mineral guard technology, this Aqua D Pure water purifier goes through 8 steps of purification to ensure that the water you drink is not contaminated. It removes 95-98 percent of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), to give 100 percent safe drinking water. Copper-infused water has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties along with Alkaline technology, which helps balance the PH level of water. It also has versatile installation choices, allowing you to choose between wall mounting or countertop placement.

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2. Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT Water Purifier

The Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT water purifier elevates water purification to a new level. Its 6-stage purification process, which includes RO and UV technology, removes up to 99.99 percent of contaminants including lead, mercury, arsenic, viruses, and germs, providing you with the clearest, healthiest water. The LED indications notify you when the tank is full cartridges need to be replaced, and the ability to dispense water even when there is no electricity. It includes a 1-year free warranty and complimentary installation.

3. Livpure Glo Pro++ Water Purifier

Livpure GLO PRO++ offers 7 stages of superior purification: sediment filter, pre-activated carbon absorber, antiscalant cartridge, RO membrane, UV disinfection, ultrafiltration, and silver coated post carbon filter. It also includes a 7-litre insect-proof, high-quality storage tank that helps to keep the purified water clean for longer periods, preventing contamination after filtering. It also comes with a modern design that fits and compliments any kitchen, as well as interactive LED indicators like power on, purification process, and tank full.

4. Havells Aquas Water Purifier

This Havells Aquas Water Purifier uses a rigorous 5-stage purification procedure to ensure that every drop you ingest is completely safe. It is guarded against electrical damage thanks to an electrical protection system, which promises endurance. Its UF Membrane successfully removes algae, spores, cysts, germs, and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules, while the innovative hygiene flow control tap is simple to use and eliminates splashes. Moreover, the dual mineral and bacteriostatic flavour enhancer cartridge produces water that is both clean and refreshing.

5. Aqua Grand Plus RO Domestic Water Purifier

This Aqua Grand Plus RO Water Purifier is a budget-friendly solution that features a large 12-litre storage tank for uninterrupted supply. It is certified to remove new-age contaminants like lead, mercury and arsenic from the water while eliminating all viruses and bacteria. UV e-boiling also ensures that every drop of water is as healthy and safe. Lastly, ultra-filtration(UF) imparts crystal clear clarity to drinking water in addition to making it safe from viral and bacterial contamination. It also has a taste adjuster (MTDS) which provides sweet-tasting water by adjusting taste depending upon the source of water.

6. V-Guard Zenora RO UF Water Purifier

The V-Guard Zenora RO UF Water Purifier is an innovative solution to your water purification requirements. With a 7-stage advanced purification process, this innovative design combines a world-class RO membrane to effectively reduce contaminants often found in the water sources, providing long-term performance with low maintenance requirements. The innovative hollow fibre UF membrane further polishes the filtered water, ensuring that no tiny particles interfere with your drinking experience. Moreover, the immersive LED experience of our best-selling water purifier keeps you updated on the health of your purifier at all times.

7. Kinsco Aqua Punch Water Purifier

Kinsco Aqua Punch Water Purifier comes with a water capacity of 15 liters. This water purifier dispenser machine uses copper technology to charge water with 99.8 percent pure copper in real-time. By infusing the right amount of copper in every glass of water, this machine helps to retain essential natural minerals. It uses several purification processes like RO, UV and UF to remove dissolved impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from the drinking water. This water purifier promises to make your water 100 percent pure.

8. Cubex Aqua Grand 12 Liter Mineral Ro Water Purifier

Cubex Aqua Grand 12 Liter Mineral RO Water Purifier has a water capacity of 12 liters. This water purifier uses several filtration techniques to reduce dirt, silt and other contaminants from the drinking water. Suitable for all types of water supply, the brand claims that its high dirt-holding capacity can produce longer life and fewer filter changes.


9. HUL Pureit Advanced Plus Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Advanced Plus Water Purifier can store up to 5 liters of water. Made from plastic material, this water purifier features energy-saving mode and promises to provide 100 percent safe drinking water. By using an electrical purification system, this purifier can remove harmful viruses and bacteria.


What are the benefits of water purifiers?

1. Eliminates disease-causing eliminates

RO and UF technologies used in water purifiers help to eliminate disease-causing germs from the water. It gives you safe drinking water every time you use it.

2. Better smell and taste

Filtration produces clean water with no unpleasant odours or tastes. The taste is significantly better than regular tap water, making it easier for people to stay hydrated.

3. Cost-effective

Since bottled water is an alternative to clean water, having a water filtration system at home can provide clean water at the touch of a button, reducing the cost of purchasing bottles of water regularly.

4. Health benefits

Using water purifiers can help improve the quality of your drinking water. This can offer numerous health benefits. Drinking safe and clean water may help reduce the risk of waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. It may even support the natural detoxification process of your body, help maintain healthy skin and boost your immunity.

5. Convenience

A water purifier can help provide convenient and constant access to clean your drinking water. It helps you drink safe water without the need to constantly boil water to improve its quality and remove contaminants.

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How to choose the best water purifier?

Here are a few things that you must remember while choosing the best water purifiers:

  • Before selecting the best water purifier brands, make sure to check the quality of your water supply. This will help you identify the impurities present and determine the type of purification needed.
  • Consider the type of purifier that you need. For areas with high TDS, opt for Reverse Osmosis purifiers. To kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, go for ultraviolet purifiers. There are other purifiers available, including ultrafiltration purifiers, activated carbon filters and gravity-based purifiers.
  • Check the water capacity of the purifier. Make sure to buy the product that matches your daily water consumption needs.
  • Consider the maintenance requirements of the purifier like filter replacement costs and frequency.
  • Opt for purifiers from reputable brands that come with certifications from recognised organisations.
  • Look for purifiers, which are easy to use and install. Check for additional features like digital displays and energy-saving modes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How often should I clean the water purifier?
    Several factors influence how often you must clean your water purifier, including the type of water purifier you own, the quality of your water, and how frequently you use it. However, as a general rule, your water purifier should be cleaned at least once each month.
  • How often should I replace my water filter?
    It is recommended that you change your water filter every 12-24 months to save money in the long term while ensuring that your family has access to clean, safe drinking water.
  • Which type of water purifier is best?
    While there are several types of water purifiers available in the market, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier is one of the most widely used purification systems. It uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, impurities and germs from water.
  • How much TDS is good in RO water?
    TDS stands for total dissolved salts. It measures the combined content of inorganic and organic substances in water, which indicates the purity and suitability of water for consumption. According to Safe Drinking Water Purification, less than 300 milligrams of TDS per liter of water is considered as excellent quality.

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