5 best water flossers to improve oral health

Want to level up your oral hygiene routine effectively? Try these 5 best water flossers to improve your dental health.
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Use the best water flossers to maintain oral health. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 15 Jan 2024, 11:00 am IST
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Healthy teeth shape our overall well-being. They not only impact our physical health but also plays a major role in building our self-esteem. Just like our body, taking proper care of our dental health is equally important. One of the ways to achieve this can be using the best water flossers to keep you get rid of food particles and plaque from the teeth, We have curated a list of the top water flossers to help you level up your oral hygiene.

What are water flossers?

Flossing has been used for generations for healthy dental care. With the advancement in technology, now water flossers have replaced the traditional flossing technique. It is a targeted water jet that reaches the area between the teeth and below the gumline. This tool can help remove debris, and plaque. Water flossers also help maintain the health of gums as it reduces the risk of irritation and bleeding. It contributes to oral health by enhancing blood flow and reducing the risk of gingivitis.

5 best water flossers to improve oral health

Try these best water flossers in India to get improve your dental care:

1. ORACURA Dental PRO Smart Professional Water Flosser

The ORACURA Dental PRO Smart Professional Water Flosser comes in five different colours – black, blue, green, peach and grey. It helps tailor your dental care experience with the help of four flossing modes – normal, soft, pulse and custom modes. This flossing tool uses cutting-edge micro-bubble technology to improve the teeth plaque removal process at home. It features 8 tips for all dental needs like tongue scrapers, orthodontic tip, pocket tip, implant tip, nasal tip and standard tips. It reaches blind areas and gently cleans your teeth.

2. Caresmith Professional Cordless Dental Flosser

If you are looking for cordless water flossers, try this one from Caresmith. This battery-powered grooming device features normal, soft and pulse modes. Its 360 degree rotatable jet tip design helps gently clean your teeth, prevent tooth decay, plaque, calculus, gingival bleeding and dental hypersensitivity. It prevents leakage that helps you use this safely. This tool has a full-opening design that performs a thorough cleaning and prevents the development of bacteria. It is cordless, lightweight and its battery lasts up to 14 days.

3. Perfora Smart Water Dental Flosser

Looking for water flossers for travel, this one from Perfora might be the perfect device for you! It has a battery life of up to 30 days, which saves your effort to keep on charging in between your vacation. It comes with five flossing modes and a rotatable nozzle that deeply cleanses your teeth. This water proof flosser allows you to use it without worrying about leakage. Additionally, the brand claims that this flosser is certified by FDA, ROHS, CE and it comes with a warranty of one year.

4. AGARO Ultra Plus Portable Dental Flosser

This USB rechargeable flosser from AGARO features four cleaning modes – soft, normal, pulse and custom. It is waterproof, portable and comes with a warranty of one year. Its battery life can last up to 15 days, which makes it one of the top water flossers for teeth. Along with the flosser, the package includes 2 nozzle tips, 1 tongue scraper, 1 pocket tip, 1 orthodontic tip, and 1 USB cable. It works to remove plaque, deeply cleanse between teeth and stimulates the gums.

5. Bixdo P50 Premium Smart Water Flosser

If you want water flossers for gum diseases, this one from Bixdo can be the perfect solution for you. It claims to improve gum health by up to 83 percent, removes plaque and reduces gum bleeding. This device is perfect if you have braces, implants, bridges or sensitive teeth. It’s pinpoint control mode and gumcare mode ensures complete and comfortable oral care. Made up with durable, stain-resistant, safe and eco-friendly tritan material, this tool is equipped with patented jet quiet technology. This tool features five water pressure settings to remove stubborn food debris, and improves gum health.

Benefits of water flossers for oral health

A better understanding of the benefits of water flossers can help you improve your oral health effectively.

  • Water flossers effectively remove plaque, bacteria and debris between the teeth and gum line with the help of pressurised water stream.
  • Flossing can cause bleeding and irritation. But this device provides a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience because of its adjustable water pressure setting.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it portable, durable and convenient to use,
  • Regular use of this tool can reduce the risk of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.
  • It helps prevent plaque and bacteria development.
  • It helps prevent cavities and other gum issues during orthodontic treatment by cleaning around the brackets and wires.
  • It removes food particles and bacteria, leading to reduced bad breath.
  • Water flossers come with several features like cleaning modes and adjustable pressure, which allows you to enjoy a customisable cleaning experience.

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How to choose the right water flosser

Before buying a water flosser, consider the following points to avail its maximum benefits:

  • Check the water pressure settings of the flosser and pick the one that suits your requirements.
  • Consider the water tank capacity of the device. Buy the one that requires less frequent refilling.
  • Decide if you want cordless or corded one. Both have their own advantages, while cordless flossers provide portability and flexibility, corded ones provide consistent power.
  • Make sure that the flosser supports different types of nozzles because interchangeable tips can cater specific oral needs.
  • Choose the one that is easy to use and maintain.
  • Lastly, consider the budget of the device. Balance your requirements with your budget to ensure that it is not a wasted investment.

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