5 best travel pillows to make your New Year holiday journey comfortable

Long flights can be tiring, but using the best travel pillows for long flights to make your journey pain-free.
best travel pillows for long flights
Use the best travel pillows for long flights to get relief from neck and quality sleep. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 25 Dec 2023, 13:53 pm IST
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Long flights spanning several hours can be painful as they may take a physical and mental toll on the body due to cramped seating. Neck pain and lack of sleep can be common results. That is why carrying the right travel equipment, like a travel pillow, is important! if you’re heading out for a New Year holiday, check out some of the best travel pillows for long flights so that you can have a great journey without compromising on your comfort!

5 best travel pillows to avoid neck pain during long flights

We have curated a list of our top picks for the best travel pillows to ease neck pain and enjoy a comfortable ride.

1. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow is one of the best travel pillows for long flights, as it provides proper support. This doctor-recommended neck pillow is made of memory foam material. If you experience discomfort due to excess heat during flights, this travel pillow is protected by a moisture-wicking cover that helps keep the neck dry. The product claims to be the first travel pillow that attaches to the airplane seat wings and prevents your head from falling forward or sideways. It promises to provide relaxation during gaming or watching shows while traveling. It is simply one of the best travel pillows for sleeping during long flights, as it has several features like a flat back, a zippered side pouch, soft, supportive memory foam, and a seat strap system.

2. FUR JADEN Travel Pillow

This semicircular travel pillow by FUR JADEN also qualifies as one of the best travel pillows for long flights. It is created using durable memory foam, which is designed to take the neck’s shape. It enhances quality sleep by providing the perfect cushioning your neck needs. Several benefits of a travel pillow can be found in this product, such as providing neck support while bending forward or sideways. It is designed to prevent neck strains, and comes with a pair of eye masks and ear plugs. The travel pillow comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty against defects in memory foam, and it has a washable fabric so that you don’t have to compromise on your personal hygiene. Having this product in your travel equipment can enhance your travel experience.

3. Billebon Neck Pillow for Travel

If you want to enjoy the innumerable benefits of a travel pillow, include a Billebon Neck Pillow in your travel gear. The brand claims it is crafted with 100 percent pure memory foam, helping it to fit into the contours of your neck and offer comfort. This travel pillow provides relief from neck pain, softness, breathability, and stretchiness, making your journey peaceful as it has been created with a luxurious fabric blend. Carrying travel pillows sometimes becomes difficult as they are an added commodity to our luggage. However, this product can compress up to 70 percent of its size for storage, which makes it ideal for long flight journeys.

4. TALLGO Travel Pillow

If you are someone who keeps traveling frequently, this travel pillow by TALLGO is the best choice. The product has an ergonomic design that provides multi-angle protection of the cervical spine, prevents head slip, and reduces bone pressure. Crafted with high-quality memory foam, the travel pillow comes with an adjustable rope design and is easy to adapt to a variety of body sizes.

5. MOKOBARA The Travel Pillow

This lightweight and adjustable travel pillow by MOKOBARA is simply the best travel equipment. Designed for uninterrupted snoozing, the travel pillow feels like a hug as it is made up of ultra-soft, breathable fabric. It is one of the best travel pillows for sleeping, as it provides extra support and comfort to the spine because of its BASF memory foam filling. The brand claims that this product can be compressed to 50 percent of its size, making it best for storage and carrying. Additionally, the washable fabric and lock strap make it one of the best travel pillows for long flights, as they allow you to maintain your hygiene and promote comfort while traveling.

Why are travel pillows important for long flights?

In the excitement of travel, it is equally important to prioritise your physical and mental well-being. Quality sleep is key to enhancing the travel experience as it promotes overall mental clarity. However, uncomfortable seating space and restricted legroom often disrupt our sleep. Therefore, carrying travel pillows becomes essential. It can reduce overall travel fatigue. Moreover, a travel pillow provides relief from neck pain and minimises the impact of jet lag. Along with all the technical benefits of a travel pillow, it also creates a personal sleep zone for you by converting your seat into a makeshift sleep haven by providing a soft surface for your head!

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