Best smartwatch with BP monitor: 6 top picks

Track your real-time blood pressure and remain healthy by using the best smartwatch with BP monitors. Check out the best options in India.
Try the best smartwatch with BP monitor to track your blood pressure. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 20 Jun 2024, 12:09 pm IST
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Keeping a close check on your health is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Regular visits to healthcare professionals are important, but may not always feasible. In this case, using a smartwatch with BP monitors can be helpful. They use optical sensors and advanced algorithms to measure blood pressure levels, which helps detect hypertension. Besides blood pressure, these smartwatches can also help provide real-time data on your heart health and help you understand your cardiovascular condition. These smartwatches also offer additional features like fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, activity reminders and more. Regular use of these devices can help in the early detection of hypertension and other health issues, which can improve your health awareness and enhance your lifestyle. We have carefully selected the best smartwatch with BP monitors to help you track your blood pressure and lead a healthy lifestyle.

6 best smartwatch with BP monitors

Check out this list of the best smartwatch with blood pressure monitors in India:

1. CrossBeats Hustl Smartwatch

Enhance your lifestyle by using smartwatch BP monitors from CrossBeats. It features an ultra-large 2.01 UHD display, an aluminium alloy middle frame and a gemstone-style stainless steel navigation crown. This silver smartwatch can connect to your smartphone to help you view your messages and calls on the watch. With a battery life of 8 days, this water-proof smartwatch can monitor your real-time heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleep. It also features 125 plus advanced fitness sports, records your all-day activities and helps you stay alert about your health.

2. GOQii Smart Vital Plus Full Touch Smart Watch

GOQii Smart Vital Plus Full Touch Smart Watch comes with a 1.57 HD display. It promises to automatically monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, SpO2, and body temperature. The brand claims that this smartwatch is a registered medical device with ISO-certified health coaching services. It has a battery life of up to 7 days and can withstand dust, spills and raindrops.

3. Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED Display Smart Watch

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED Display Smart Watch promises to provide real-time data on blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure and breath exercise. It can also keep track of your sleep patterns and menstrual cycle. This smartwatch with 1.43 AMOLED display display features 110 plus sports modes, which may help to monitor your workout. It has a battery life of up to 5 days and is waterproof.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is a stylish device, which promises to keep track of your blood pressure. This smartwatch may also help monitor your blood pressure and ECG. It has a slimmer and sleeker shape and switching bands. This watch can run for up to 40 hours with one full charge. It may even help to monitor your sleep stage, consistency and provide sleep score, which can help to improve your sleep quality. Using this smartwatch can help you to track your movements for over 90 workouts, including swimming and yoga.

5. CrossBeats Nexus 2.01 Super AMOLED Display Smart Watch

CrossBeats Nexus 2.01 Super AMOLED Display SmartWatch is a full touch screen device with a maximum of 700 nits of brightness. Enabled with Open AI, this smartwatch allows you to do more than just viewing time. It features an advanced dynamic island, which makes navigating through notifications easier. With its battery life of up to 6 days, this smartwatch promises to track metrics like blood pressure, sleep, heart rate and SpO2. It can also help you track your calorie intake, steps and workout routine.

6. Fire-Boltt 4G Pro Volte Calling Smart Watch

Fire-Boltt 4G Pro Volte Calling Smart Watch comes with a 2.02 bigger full-touch display, an in-built speaker, and a 400 mAh battery. It features soft, silicone straps, and is water-resistant and vibrant. With multiple sports modes, this smartwatch helps you track and optimise your workout performance. It also helps you monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, and blood oxygen levels and helps you transform your lifestyle.

How to choose the best smartwatch with BP monitor?

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Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best smartwatch with BP and ECG:

  • Accuracy: Ensure that the smartwatch with BP monitor uses reliable BP monitoring technology. Look for devices, which are validated by health authorities or with clinical validation.
  • Easy-to-use: Make sure that the smartwatch is easy to use. Ensure that it has features like easy-to-read displays, straightforward navigation, and simple setup processes as it can enhance user experience.
  • Battery life: Pay attention to the battery life of the product. Buy the product with a longer battery life as it will save your efforts of constant charging.
  • Connectivity: Ensure that the smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone, and has good connectivity features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for seamless data synchronisation.
  • Health suite: Besides blood pressure monitoring, check if the smartwatch can track heart rate, ECG, and sleep, and provide a comprehensive view of your health.
  • Price: Fix your budget and compare the features of different smartwatches within that range. Ensure that you are getting value for your money.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can smartwatches with BP monitors track other health metrics?
    Yes, smartwatch with BP monitor can track other health metrics as well. The above-mentioned brands offer features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, menstrual cycle monitoring, SpO2 tracking and breath exercises.
  • Do smartwatches with BP monitors offer accurate readings?
    A smartwatch with BP monitor uses advanced technology to provide accurate data about your blood pressure. A study published in the Journal of Hypertension states that smartwatch-based BP measurement provides data on the basis of measurement hours and days.

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Best smartwatch with BP monitor

Top Features Compared Price battery lifeSpecial features
CrossBeats Hustl Smartwatch, Large 2.01” TruHue™ HD Display, Dual Speaker with BT Calling, 125+ Sports Mode, AI Health Tracking, SnapCharge™ Battery upto 10days, 60Hz Refresh Rate Silver 1,699 10 days BP monitor, activity tracker, phone call, calender, alarm
GOQii Smart Vital Plus SpO2 1.57" HD Full Touch Smart Notification IP68 Smartwatch for Smartphones Body Temperature BP Monitor Sports & Sleep Tracking Women Care with 3 Months Personal Coaching- Black 6,499 7 days Sleep monitor, BP monitor, sports modes, heart rate monitor, activity tracker
Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED 1.43" Display Smart Watch, with 700 NITS Brightness, Stainless Steel Rotating Crown, Multipe Sports Modes & 360 Health (Black) 1,799 5 days Calorie tracker, heart rate tracking, activity tracker, breathe, blood pressure, sleep monitor
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Bluetooth (40mm, Graphite, Compatible with Android only) | Introducing BP & ECG Features 25,999 40 hours BP and ECG monitor
CrossBeats Nexus 2.01” Super AMOLED Display Smart Watch with ChatGPT-Powered| Dynamic Island| 5.3 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch| Always on| in-app GPS| 60 Hz refresh Rate | AI Health Tracker -(Silver) 3,999 6 days Breath tracker, ChatGPT, heart rate monitor, E-book access
Fire-Boltt 4G Pro VoLTE Calling Smart Watch- 2.02” TFT Display, 4G Nano-SIM GPS, Health Suite, Sports Modes, 400mAh Battery (Black) 2,999 3-5 days Heart rate monitor, BP monitor, Built-in mic
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