5 best running belts to keep your hands and pockets free

A running belt allows you to run with your phone, keys, and even water while keeping your hands and pockets free. Check out these best running belts which are lightweight.
Best running belts
Best running belts in India. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 17 Dec 2023, 10:30 am IST
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It can be very uncomfortable and might even be dangerous to run with your phone, money, and other belongings in your hands or pockets. Armbands with storage are useful, however, they can be restrictive and cause unpleasant chafing. Wearing a running belt is a convenient and good method that allows you to carry your necessities comfortably. They are also referred to as waist or fanny packs and are typically worn around the waist. If you are convinced enough to buy one, here are the best running belts you can try.

What is a running belt?

Running belts are incredibly useful for carrying necessities such as phones, keys, money, and other essentials while exercising, running, jogging, or hiking. In addition, they have features like water bottle holders, numerous pockets, and adjustable straps that make them lightweight and safe. Furthermore, they generally come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit a range of body types and storage requirements. They are made up of lightweight, elastic materials such as lycra, spandex, or neoprene that are comfortable to use.

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5 best running belts for fitness enthusiasts

Check out these best running belts if you have been searching for an easy and reasonably priced solution that allows you to pack your essentials to make your regular runs more comfortable.

1. AIKENDO Reflective Slim Pocket Running Belt

AIKENDO Running Waist Belt is constructed of soft fabric, so the runner’s belt is very soft and breathable, fits comfortably to your body, and does not move, jiggle, bounce, ride up, or chaff. Furthermore, the running waist pack features an elastic waistband and an adjustable strap, ensuring that every member of your family may wear it from whose waist size ranges from 27″ to 44″.

2. MoKo Sports Running Belt

It’s the ideal running belt for holding cash and a phone. It can easily store your smartphone and other tiny essentials. This belt keeps your stuff safe and secure and prevents it from bouncing or falling out. Additionally, it has two easily adjustable buckles that let you customise the length of the belt to fit your waist. A reflective strip is integrated around the zip to provide safety when running in poor light.

3. FALONG Running Waist Belt

Falong Gear Running Waist Bag is constructed of soft fabric, which makes it exceptionally soft and breathable. It sits securely against your body and does not bounce, ride up, or chafe. The purpose of the Falong Gear Running Waist Bag is to free up your hands as you run. You can carry smartphones, keys, cash, cards, earphones, passports, and other small valuables. This running waist belt can withstand both rain and sweat. Moreover, the running fanny pack features a unique headphone hole design that allows you to always listen to music.

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4. USHAKE Slim Running Belt

The goal of this running waist belt is to provide the best possible comfort for all sports activities. Your belongings will stay dry inside the fanny pack thanks to its premium soft and waterproof material and uniquely curved waterproof zipper. Running with nice music is the purpose of the earbud hole.

5. Fit Labs RNR Running Waist Belt

The Fit Labs RNR Running Waist Belt has an extremely simple design and is built for optimal comfort. It has a tubular shape and enough space to keep your phone, keys, and other essentials while you’re working out. Spandex fabric is gentle on the skin, preventing it from chafing. When you flip the belt, it shuts and locks everything inside.

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