10 best planners for 2024 to stay organised and productive

2024 is around the corner, and planning this new year is essential. Here are the 10 best planners for 2024 to help you stay organised.
best planners for 2024
Use these best planners for 2024 to stay organised. Image Courtesy: Pexels
Tanya Shree Published: 26 Dec 2023, 16:45 pm IST
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The evolution of the digital world has created a gap between the real and virtual world. The digital platforms have made everyone so glued to their screens that one even forgets his or her surroundings. However, now is the time to get back to our roots and start enjoying the simpler things in life by planning our day in the most productive way. But a human brain cannot retain everything, so it becomes essential to have planners to stay organised. Instead of using digital gadgets, why not use some of the best planners for 2024 and reminisce about the feeling that we used to get while using pens and paper to curate our to-do lists?

Why is using planners important in life?

A planner is a personal organiser that helps you shape your day on a regular basis. Planners not only make your life easy, but it also helps you stay mentally positive and healthy as it prepares you for the future. Earlier, people used to highlight the important dates on the calendar to plan their days. However, now the market is flooded with the best planners to stay organised. Keeping a planner helps one set goals, manage time, enhance self-awareness, track growth, and inspire joyful living. Whether you are a working mom or a student, planners come in handy for each and every section of the society. So, here’s a curated list of the best planners for 2024.

10 best planners for 2024 to make your year productive

1. DOODLE: The Happiness 2024 Planner Kit

If you are someone who loves doodling, playing with colours, and quirky designs, this planner kit by DOODLE is one of the best planners available in the market. The planner kit includes exquisite stickers to add a creative aspect to your planning. It also includes quirky bookmarks, tear-away notes, quote cards, theme-based activity pages, and a pocket planner with a premium gift box. This wire-bound planner is undoubtedly one of the best planners to help you stay organised, as it features dateless ruled pages and undated monthly planners.

2. NEORH: 2024–25 DATES ACCOMPLISH Petite Planner

This planner is definitely one of the best for working moms, as it helps create a road map for planning 2024 on a yearly, monthly, and weekly basis. It comes with a leather cover and an elastic band. This planner has different sections like a budget tracker, a habit tracker wheel, a password log, and more. And along with planning the day as per the needs of your closed ones, it also helps you keep a track of your health. This is when this planner proves to be the best in the market, as it has a separate health tracker section to keep a check on the monthly weight, blood pressure (BP), sugar, and cholesterol levels.

3. Lauret Blanc Hardbound Undated Planner

Student life is definitely tougher than it looks. From submitting assignments before the deadline to not getting time to binge-watch their favorite web shows, students have to plan their day in such a way that their studies and leisure activities have a balance. And this is why this planner by Lauret Blanc is one of the best planners for students, as it helps you harmonise your dreams and goals. Adorned with faux leather, the planner is divided into yearly, monthly, and weekly sections. The planner has four utility pages to jot down the names of the shows that you want to watch in the next year or the things that you wish to buy. Moreover, ample blank space is given in the planner to pen down the goals. It is undoubtedly one of the best planners for students, as it also has a separate habit tracker section that allows them to tick off the extracurricular activities that they must do in a week.

4. TinyChange 2024 Classic Life Planner

TinyChange 2024 Classic Life Planner has a faux leather cover and binding, and it can help you achieve your life goals as this toolkit is based on certain science-backed principles, which makes it easy for you to know yourself better and live a meaningful life. With a focus on self-discoveries and creating a roadmap to achieve goals, the planner helps you visualise your life and track what you have accomplished. It is one of the best planners for 2024 to make your life more organised, as it offers vision boards, habit trackers, a life dashboard, and reminders.

5. The Journal Lab: Find Your Balance 2024 Undated Planner

For those who thrive on structure, The Journal Lab’s Find Your Balance 2024 Undated Planner is the best choice. Unleash your inner artist by using the quirky free stickers that come along with the planner. It is one of the best ways to stay organised, as it creates a perfect balance between your personal and professional life. This undated planner-journal has 2 pages for a day, which allows you to have a lot of space to jot down your thoughts and pinpoint the priorities of your life. It is one of the best planners to have on your study table to set your yearly, monthly, and daily goals, along with tracking your moods and budget.

6. HAPPYWAGON planner

Created with the aim of helping you accomplish your goals smoothly, this HAPPYWAGON planner has a sturdy hard cover and features monthly and weekly scheduling sections. This toolkit helps you plan your year without cluttering the space with too many lines or brackets. This 2024 Autumn Blooms Planner is your essential companion, as it helps you create a vision board at the beginning of the year and track your accomplishments. It is a multipurpose planner and definitely one of the best planners for 2024, as it can be used as a travel notebook, planner, receipt journal, doodling, brainstorming ideas, school journal, bullet journal, and more.

7. KALP: The Talking Diary 2024 Dated Planner

True to its name, KALP, The Talking Diary 2024 Dated Planner, encourages you to plan your year in the most creative and engaging manner. Counted as one of the best planners for 2024, this planner offers funny and relatable doodles on all pages, which makes it unique and quirky. The planner is crafted with care, adding a classy touch to it, and it is perfect for creative minds looking to blend planning with artistic expression. This is one of the best planners for students, as they can plan their day while enjoying the benefits of the cute gifts that come along with it.

8. Happening Hippo Weekly Planner

Designed with a focus on productivity and goal achievement, the Happening Hippo Weekly Planner can help you organise your personal life along with balancing your professional life. This planner encourages you to break down big projects into manageable tasks, fostering a systematic approach to life. It is also considered one of the best planners for students as it allows them to set their daily goals, plan their study schedule, and improve their time management skills.

9. COMMA Everything Planner 2024

The COMMA Everything Planner 2024 lives up to its name, offering a clean and minimalist design to streamline your life. Designed for individuals with a focus on keeping a tab on their day-to-day work format, this planner offers a glance view, monthly and yearly sections to help you make your life more systematic. The comprehensive budget tracker, online shopping list, reading list, birthday list, contact section, travel planning section, mood tracker, and to-do list make this planner one of the best planners for 2024.

10. myPAPAERCLIP Daily Planner

The myPAPERCLIP Daily Planner stands out for its holistic approach to organisation. This planner is best for those who crave for functionality in their day-to-day lives, as it offers a daily section to help you segregate your work. Moreover, it is one of the best planners for 2024 as it provides ample space to jot down your ideas, to-do list, and schedule your upcoming year as per your requirements without getting distracted by design elements.

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