5 best mattresses to relieve back pain

Back pain can trouble your sleep cycle. Invest in a good-quality mattress to deal with it. Here are the 5 best mattresses for back pain you may try.
best mattresses for back pain
Get rid of back pain with these best mattresses. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 8 Dec 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Work from home or even extended hours at work have impacted posture and back health significantly. So, don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling stiffness in your back. It might be time to consider upgrading your mattress. A low-quality mattress can contribute to back pain, but investing in a high-quality one designed for proper support and spinal alignment can strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture. Since the market is flooded with options, we have narrowed down a few of the best mattresses for back pain.

Our choices feature memory foam and orthopedic mattresses to alleviate backache. On one hand, memory foam mattresses adjust according to your body’s shape and reduce pressure, the orthopedic design supports your lower back and spine.

5 best mattresses for back pain

1. Springtek Bonded Memory Foam Mattress

The Springtek Bonded Mattress is made of memory foam, which uses body heat to soften pressure point problems. This means that, in the long term, it can reduce chronic back and neck pain. It comes with an offer of a 30-night trial to ensure customer satisfaction. Boasting a 4-inch medium-firm profile, this mattress incorporates a 5-layered design featuring memory gel and HR foam. The thermal-bonded foam not only provides back pain relief but also supports the spine effectively. Available in a single size (72×30 inches) with a generous 6-year warranty, Springtek is an excellent choice for users who are experiencing back issues.

2. Duroflex Livein Orthopedic Firm Mattress

Another noteworthy option is the Duroflex Livein Orthopedic Mattress. Measuring 8 inches in thickness, this king-size mattress offers medium-firm support. Made of memory foam, it ensures pressure relief, and its roll-pack feature makes it convenient for transportation and setup. The anti-microbial fabric adds an extra layer of hygiene. It shields the mattress from fungi, dust mites, and harmful bacteria for ultimate freshness and hygiene. With dimensions of 72x70x8 inches, the Duroflex Livein Orthopedic Mattress is designed to provide superior comfort while addressing back pain concerns.

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3. SleepyCat Original Ortho 3-Layered Memory Foam Mattress

The SleepyCat Original Ortho 3-Layered Memory Foam mattress comes with a 6-inch thickness. This mattress features a 3-layered construction, including a bamboo fiber fabric on top, which offers several health benefits. The natural properties of bamboo fiber, such as its hypoallergenic nature, moisture-wicking ability, and breathability, contribute to a healthier sleep environment. The King Size mattress, measuring 78x72x6 inches, is well-suited for those seeking comfort. You can even wash its cover to keep it clean.

4. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho 8-Inch Mattress

Developed by DRDO scientists, this Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho 8 8-inch mattress intelligently adapts to your body shape. It allows adequate airflow for your body to cool down and relax. King-sized at 78×72 inches, this mattress is AIHA-certified which means this mattress is the ultimate orthopedic mattress for back pain relief you can try. Beyond its luxurious looks, an easily removable and washable cover adds an extra layer of protection to your smart grid mattress. Made with eco-friendly hypoallergenic material, it provides anti-allergy benefits and offers a 10-year warranty.

5. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress in the 8-inch king-size variant (78x72x8 inches) is a popular choice. The white mattress is not only aesthetically pleasing but also boasts orthopedic benefits. The memory foam adapts to the body shape, providing optimal support for the back, neck, and spine. This mattress is also made of hypoallergenic material, which protects the mattress from dust mites and spills. Overall, this mattress can help improve your sleep cycle.

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