Best foot scrubbers: Top 7 picks for smooth and soft feet

If you are struggling with dry and cracked feet, invest in some of the best foot scrubbers to get soft and smooth feet.
best foot scrubbers
Use the best foot scrubbers to get soft and smooth feet. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 28 Feb 2024, 05:58 pm IST
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Do you often end up neglecting your feet when it comes to your skincare routine? Well, stop hiding dry and cracked feet behind closed shoes and start giving your feet equal care to get rid of dead skin. Although visiting salons for pedicures can seem to be the best option to get smooth feet, it can be a pricey affair. But what if we tell you that you can get the salon-like experience without compromising on your comfort and budget? Well, investing in some of the best foot scrubbers can save you from dealing with dry feet, leading to pain. We have curated a list of the best foot scrubbers for cracked heels.

What is a foot scrubber?

A foot scrubber is a self-care tool that helps exfoliate and massage your feet. It gives a smooth and soft texture to your feet by removing dead skin cells. This tool comes in various shapes and sizes that you can use according to your needs and budget. Regular use of foot scrubbers can improve blood circulation in the feet, which can help reduce pain, swelling, discomfort and promote overall foot health. Besides this, it can also help you tackle foot problems like dry, cracked and chapped heels. Along with the physical benefits, foot scrubbers can also give you a sense of relaxation and provide relief from stress.

7 best foot scrubbers to get healthy feet

Include the best foot scrubber machines in India in your self-care routine and take a step towards healthy feet:

1. Vandelay Rechargeable Foot Scrubber

The Vandelay Rechargeable Foot Scrubber comes with an inbuilt large 1200mAh battery, which can run up to 6 to 7 hours. This electric callus remover features a LED display and 2 speed variations. It has four types of heads – rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding and cleaning brush. This scrubber is light weight and reusable. Its non slip-design makes the dead skin removal process easy and provides you with soft feet. It is easy to use this scrubber, which helps reduce the bacterial growth in the spaces between your toes. Its water-resistant feature makes it convenient to use. Regular use of this scrubber can contribute to improved health of your feet with minimal risk of injury.

How to use: Soak your feet to soften the cuticles. Then wipe off the water stains and start grinding your feet with the right grinding head. After this, rinse your feet with water and apply foot moisturiser.

2. Caresmith Bloom Rechargeable Callus Remover

Are you looking for foot scrubbers for dead skin and callus? Try this one from Caresmith. This scrubber claims to give you baby soft skin in minutes. It features three different rollers that are designed for different purposes – the coarse roller for hard skin, the regular roller for dead skin removal and the fine roller for gentle exfoliation. The scrubber has two variable speeds and a torch light. This scrubber comes with an LCD battery indicator, and it can last for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. The ergonomic design of the roller makes it easy to reach difficult areas with ease, comfort and remove tough calluses. The presence of a 3D quartz roller may glide smoothly on your skin to exfoliate dead skin. Its pressure sensitive technology can protect your sensitive skin from irritations and risk of injuries. It is easy to handle this scrubber as it is non-slippery and provides a comfortable grip. The handle of the scrapper also features a tail with a lanyard for convenient hanging.

How to use: Choose a roller head that suits your requirements. After that turn on the device and start rolling it over your dry or pre-soaked feet to remove dead skin cells and callus. Lastly, apply foot creams or moisturisers.

3. Temperia Foot Scrubber

If you are looking for foot scrubbers for dry skin, this one from Temperia might be the perfect choice for you! These foot file scrubbers help remove dead skin cells and leave your feet rejuvenated. The scrubber has an ergonomic design and it comes with a wooden handle for easy handling. It offers dual-side usage that helps remove rough and dry skin from the soles of your feet. This scrapper has sharp and big holes, which helps to remove the dead skin cells quickly. The ergonomic non-slip handle of this scrubber helps make your callus removal process easy and comfortable. It also has a hanging hole design which makes it easy to store. The brand claims that its product is durable and helps improve your foot care session.

How to use: Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes in warm water. After that hold the foot scrubber against your foot and start scraping off the dead skin by using it in the downward direction. Later, apply some foot cream to soothe the skin.

4. Futurekart Metal Colossa Pedicure Rasp Foot Scrubber

The Futurekart Metal Colossa Pedicure Rasp Foot Scrubber gently exfoliates your feet and removes dead skin. The scrubber features a round and comfortable rubber-plastic handle that makes foot care sessions easy. Its dual-sided grind removes the dead, chapped, cracked, parched and thick skin along with grinding off the old cocoon on the soles and releases dead leather without piling up.

How to use: Soak your feet for 5 minutes and then dry it with a towel. After that use the scrubber to remove dead skin cells and dirt.

5. Nat Habit Original Pumice Stone

The Nat Habit Original Pumice Stone is made up with original pumice stone and it is non-synthetic. This stone scrubber has been ergonomically designed to enable tactical pressure application to maximise its effectiveness on the hard zones of your feet. Regular use of this scrubber enhances blood flow, deeply exfoliates, detox, gives you relief from callus and provides soft feet.

How to use: Apply soap on your feet and gently rub this stone on the heels, feet edges, toes, and ankles to exfoliate dead skin cells.

6. Yagviz Feet Scrubber

The Yagviz Feet Scrubber is made up of silicon material. It features hundreds of scrubbing bristles that help clean your feet and gives you a spa-like experience at home. This scrubber enhances blood circulation and helps you get rid of dead skin cells. Besides reducing leg and foot fatigue, this foot scrubber massage mat can help you remove fungus and foot odour.

How to use: Place your foot on the bristles. After that move your feet in the circular and back-forth motion to remove dry and dead skin.

7. Frizty Foot Callus Remover

If you want foot scrubbers for pedicures at home, try this kit from Frizty. It comes with an electric foot callus remover with 3 roller heads, 10 pedicure tools and a cleaning brush. This all-in-one tool saves your money and gives a salon-like experience at home. This scrubber features two speed options and quartz-made rollers to remove stubborn callus and dead skin cells. It has interchangeable heads, auto light, mode changer option and a digital display. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use and helps you get rid of cracked heels, and rough toes.

How to use: Choose the roller head and turn on the device. Start using it on your pre-soaked feet. After that, apply any moisturiser or foot creams to soothe the skin.

What are the benefits of foot scrubbers?

Before making the final purchase, it is worth knowing the benefits of foot scrubbers and what makes them a worthy investment. It will help you choose the right scrubber and get better results:

  • Removes dead skin cell: Foot scrubbers gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells, calluses and rough patches from the feet.
  • Improves blood circulation: They improve blood circulation in the feet, which reduce swelling, alleviate discomfort and promote overall foot health.
  • Prevents odour: These foot care tools help remove bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. It leads to preventing odours and infections.
  • Gives relief from stress: Regular scrubbing your feet also helps relieve stress and relaxes tense muscles.
  • Prevents cracked heels: Scrubbers allow foot moisturisers, creams and lotions to deeply penetrate into the skin by removing dead skin cells. It enhances hydration and prevents cracked heels.

How to choose the right food scrubber?

Choosing the right foot scrubbers is important to enhance its effectiveness. So, consider the following points before buying the product:

  • Pay attention to the material of the foot scrubber. Make sure the product is made from high-quality material like natural pumice stone, durable plastic and ceramic.
  • Consider the design of the foot scrubber to make sure it is easy and comfortable to use. Choose the design that caters to your specific needs and gives you a comfortable exfoliating experience.
  • Different scrubbers offer varied levels of exfoliation. Choose the one that suits your skin types and needs. If you have sensitive skin, opt for scrubbers with soft bristles. And for rough skin, opt for the one which has a rougher texture.
  • If you are buying an electric scrubber, make sure to check its battery life and additional settings.
  • Read online reviews, recommendations and choose the scrubbers from reputed brands.
  • Always consider your budget. Make sure you invest in scrubbers that offer the best results in your budget.

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