Drop plastic brushes and refresh your mouth with good-old neem datun

Is it feasible to replace your brushes with neem twig or datun? Let’s read what a dentist has to say.
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Neem twig or a regular brush – what’s going to be your pick? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 13 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST
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From chewing gums to spraying our mouth with artificial fresheners – we literally do it all to keep our breath in check. The fact is that these quick fixes do not solve oral problems; instead, they might make it worse, due to the presence of sugar in them. But we have a solution for this, courtesy Ayurveda, and you don’t even have to shell out a penny. Guys, we proudly present to you – neem datun.

Neem twigs, sticks, or datuns have been used for various medicinal purposes and if you haven’t, you are definitely missing out on a lot of oral goodness.
Neem datun is one of the oldest methods that has been used in India for good dental health.

5 benefits of brushing with a neem twig

1. Makes your teeth whiter: Neem removes the yellowish color and makes your teeth whiter.

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You’ve got to take care of your teeth enamel! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Strengthening gums: It is a proven fact that neem strengthens the gums and provides a stronghold for your teeth. It also helps your gums from bleeding, and helps you build healthy and strong gums.

3. Keeps bacteria away: Your mouth is the most vulnerable organ for bacteria. Because of the food we eat daily, the chance of developing bacteria is high. In order to keep bacteria away, a proper cleaning practice is necessary. Using neem sticks every day to brush our teeth reduces the chances of bacteria development. The medicinal properties in neem help in fighting the bacteria and stop its growth, thus helping to keep your mouth clean and safe.

4. Eliminates bad odour: “We consume a lot of junk food in our daily life. Eating junk food and not cleaning your mouth properly can cause bad odour. This is a very serious problem in most people. When proper cleaning of teeth doesn’t take place bacteria, like tartar and plaque, get stored, which ultimately gives rise to bad odour. Using a neem stick, while brushing, can solve this problem,” tells Dr Amit Kapoor, BDS, MDS (Ortho) EX AIIMS.

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Start brushing teeth with a neem twig. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Provides oral health: Neem has many antibacterial properties. Brushing with a neem stick releases neem oil, which is vital for maintaining oral health.

“Neem is awesome for your teeth! This bitter-tasting herb is considered very important, thanks to its cleansing quality. Since it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, it can actually help in cleaning your teeth better and reduce plaque buildup in the long-term. It also prevents tartar from staining that perfect smile of yours and improves your overall teeth and gum health,” says Dr Kapoor.

How to use neem datun for best results

  • Put one stick in your mouth and nibble off the bark with your teeth, up to one-two inches.
  • Chew until the twig shreds into bristles. The sticks are a bit hard, so this will take a while.
  • Now, you can use this twig to rub your teeth, as you do with a conventional brush. That’s it, you’re done.
    neem datun
    Make your teeth stronger than ever with neem datun. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    “It is important to note that a small amount of neem oil is released when you brush your teeth with neem twigs. Neem oil and its antibacterial properties are major factors behind the effectiveness of the neem datun,” recommends Dr Kapoor.

    So people, if you really don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, get some neem twigs and brush your teeth without fail.

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