Planning to shave your head? Bear in mind these precautions

Are you planning to go bald? Then, don’t forget to follow these necessary precautions before shaving your head.
precautions before shaving your head
Bear in mind these precautions before shaving your head! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 25 Mar 2023, 13:00 pm IST
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Going bald is more a fashion these days than a necessity. Whether it’s an ongoing fashion trend you wish to follow, or you wish to surrender in a dignified way in the battle against hair loss, the reason behind your going bald doesn’t matter. Just like you meticulously shave your face or body, it’s the same case with your head. It also needs attention and care while shaving. There are certain dos and don’ts that you ought to follow if you wish to keep razor bumps or any injury at bay.

Health shots got in touch with Dr Kashish Kalra, Head of the Department of Dermatology at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi, to understand the necessary precautions before shaving your head.

Adhere to the following tips before getting your head shaved

Shaving your head benefits your hair growth in various ways, and that is why so many people have started to follow this trend. Apart from that, certain health conditions also affect hair growth, so people decide to go bald to avoid the hassle.

precautions before shaving your head
Bear in mind these precautions before shaving your head! Image courtesy: Freepik

Whatever your case, if you are someone who’s planning to go bald, bear in mind the following precautions:

1. Go to a professional the first time

You know you are not a pro when it comes to shaving your head if you are trying it for the first time. So, if you are a first-timer who wishes to go bald and have a smooth scalp, let your barber step in to do the job well. A barber knows your sensitive scalp area better, and a professional always does a good job at his work.

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2. Get rid of the dirt or grime on your scalp

Dr Kalra says, “You should always shampoo before shaving if you have a lot of greases, dirt, dandruff, or a very oily scalp. The shampooing process will cleanse your scalp and help eradicate any dandruff. Alongside, shampooing preps up the scalp for shaving by making it softer and receptive to shaving.”

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3. Use a multi-blade razor

Always opt for a multi-blade razor, as you opt for the same for your face as well. Since your scalp area is not straight in comparison to your jawline or bread, and it has a lot of curves, so make sure you do it professionally so that you don’t end up with bumps or razor cuts on the scalp.

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precautions before shaving your head
Prevent razor burns using these tips and shave your head stress-free! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

4. Don’t skip using a shaving cream or cleansing lotion

“Your scalp is prone to razor bumps, so a shaving cream or a cleaning lotion is mandatory while you are shaving. Also, after shaving, don’t forget to use a moisturiser. If you end up getting razor bumps, it is best suggested to use benzoyl peroxide creams that you can apply on your scalp post-shaving.”

5. Don’t forget sunscreen

Just like your skin, your scalp if exposed to direct sunlight can suffer dire consequences. So, “Make sure to protect your shaved scalp from direct sunlight by applying sunscreen before stepping out (if you wish to flaunt your shaved scalp), or use you can use a cap otherwise,” adds the expert.

6. Shave along the angle of your hair

Most people commit the mistake of shaving in the opposite direction of their hair. However, the expert suggests we do otherwise because shaving in the opposite direction gives rise to more bumps.

Make sure you are following these tips if you want to go bald to avoid any complications.

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