Turn to nasayam to prevent sinusitis, suggests Ayurveda expert

Come winter season, nasal congestion and sinusitis issues flare up in no time! Get some tips from an Ayurveda expert on keeping sinus infections at bay.
The wonders of Ayurveda can help you avoid sinusitis. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 13:44 pm IST
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Aren’t we feeling the winds of change in the weather already? A stuffy nose and headaches are a part and parcel of the winter season for most people, but especially for those who battle sinusitis all year round! You can do simple things to prevent sinusitis .

What is sinusitus?

Sinus or sinusitis, as we mentioned earlier, is basically a kind of nasal congestion. Here, the cavity around the nasal passage becomes inflamed. Cold weather and allergies to dust are some of the major causes of this issue.

Dr Prasan Shankar, Medical Director, I-AIM Healthcare Center, Bengaluru, explains that the nose and eyes are surrounded by different sinuses. The job of the sinuses is to secrete mucus. “The sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and is usually caused by an infection,” he told HealthShots.

He also pointed out how in few individuals, sinusitis occurs when there is excessive mucus produced by the sinus glands and there is inflammation in the sinuses. According to the expert, when you don’t have sinusitis that is in the preventive state, you can adopt certain measures to keep it at bay. But if you are already suffering from sinusitis, it would be preferable to talk to an expert, explain the symptoms and then get recommendations for cure and treatment.

Sinusitis can be prevented with your lifestyle choices. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Ways to prevent sinusitis

According to Dr Shankar, these are some ways in which you can maintain distance from getting sinusitis according to Ayurveda:

1. Nasayam

Nasayam is a vital Ayurvedic treatment. Its focus is on clearing the head region and nasal passages, helping people to get rid of headache, migraine and sinus related issues. In this practice, you are required to put a few drops of medicated oil through the nostrils, which are an  important passage of the body. “This helps to clear accumulated kapha (Ayurveda dosha),” said Dr Shankar, emphasizing that Nasayam is the single most important thing a person can do to prevent sinusitis as dust, smoke and infection easily travels through the nostrils and affects the sinus.

2. Nostril cleaning

Clearing the nostrils everyday can also be an effortless practice to prevent sinusitis, suggested Dr Shankar.

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3. Herbs and formulations

According to Dr Shankar, there are formulations and herbs that can strengthen your resilience and respiratory immunity. And so, they prevent onset of sinusitis.

Bananas maybe healthy, but they can sometimes increase congestion. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Avoid air conditioning

If you are sitting in an air-conditioned room, it can directly affect you and you can be more prone to sinusitis, added Dr Shankar.

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5. Diet

What you eat can also trigger sinusitis. “Cold food, soda, aerated drinks… having all this regularly can trigger sinusitis.

Being careful about your diet choices and environment can help you prevent sinusitis. So, follow these 5 things and see the difference! Besides these, Dr Shankar has easy advice you should follow daily, regardless of sinusitis or not. “Drink warm water on a  daily basis!”


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