An experts debunks on myths around COVID 19 vaccines and women’s health

COVID 19 vaccines is one of the important tools to curb the spread of this deadly pandemic. Read on to know what an expert has to say on myths around COVID 19 vaccines
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Dr Kanav Kahol Published: 15 May 2021, 09:45 am IST
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Getting vaccinated will be one of the important ways in which we can help stop the pandemic. However, various myths are doing the rounds regarding the efficacy of the vaccine and the right time to get vaccinated, especially amongst women.

The vaccines are both safe and highly effective. It is important to stay aware of inaccurate information circulating on how vaccines can affect women’s health. Let us review some of these myths and study the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine to clear any misinformation we may have heard.

Myth 1: Get a Pregnancy Test Before Receiving Vaccine

No woman needs to get a pregnancy test before receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Though none of the vaccine trials in India have been done on pregnant females yet, they do not contain ingredients that can be harmful to a developing fetus or pregnant women. This stands true for all the available vaccines.

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Myth 2: You Cannot Get the Vaccine if You are Breastfeeding

While clinical trials on the use of vaccines for breastfeeding women are not advanced, there is no evidence that the vaccine is harmful to a breastfed infant or breastfeeding women. Therefore, one does not need to delay or stop breastfeeding to get vaccinated. If a woman is breastfeeding, or planning to do so, she can continue it even after vaccination.

Myth 3: The Vaccine Could Make You Infertile

There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines interfere with one’s fertility. Over millions of individuals have so far received the vaccine and no such case has come to light as of now. Hence, a woman can get a COVID-19 vaccine if she is planning to get pregnant and also, does not need to delay getting pregnant after receiving a vaccine.

Myth 4: Vaccination and Menstruation

Myths abound menstruation even during regular times. And now that the vaccination drive has been launched, theories linking menstruation and vaccination are doing the rounds. One of these theories is that getting vaccinated during menstruation can cause unusually acute pain and lead to excessive bleeding. However, these are all misconceptions and there is no evidence to suggest that vaccination in any way interferes with menstruation.

Myth 5: COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause Severe Side Effects

It is common to feel some side effects after getting the vaccine such as fatigue, fever, body aches, and pain or tenderness at the injection site. These side effects usually last for a few days or hours in some individuals. But if they last longer, a woman must consult a healthcare professional or her maternity care provider.

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Myth 6: You Can Get Infected with COVID-19 by Receiving Vaccine

None of the authorized vaccines available in India contain the live virus that causes COVID-19 which means none of the COVID-19 vaccines can make one sick with COVID-19. The vaccines work by making a protein in your immune system that teaches your body to recognize and fight the virus causing COVID-19.

Myth 7: You Do Not Need Vaccine If You Already had COVID-19

Everyone, including individuals who have had COVID-19, should get vaccinated. It is still unclear how long protection from antibodies after infection lasts, and a vaccine could give more long-term protection even if a natural infection does not. Similar to other viruses, re-infection with COVID-19 has been reported.

Summing Up!

All that matters today is ensuring your well-being and safety. It is our responsibility to get vaccinated and help the researchers, healthcare professionals and government curb the spread of the deadly virus. Also, we must not get trapped in myths and fake information circulating on coronavirus, its treatment, and the efficacy of the vaccine.

Do as authorities & your healthcare professional suggest and be safe!

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