5 morning habits you must follow strictly to fight obesity

Obesity is a rising concern among people that leads to a chain of other health issues. Apart from mindful of what you eat, try out these morning habits to fight obesity.
Easy tips to fight obesity
These are some of the easiest tips to fight obesity. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 17 Apr 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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The Internet is flooded with information about how to stay fit and healthy. Day after day, the social media feeds us with new tips and tricks to get in shape. But sometimes, too much information can get overwhelming. Yes, it is important to keep our calories under check, and what we feed ourselves every single day. But apart from the food that we eat, there are certain habits we need to incorporate in our lives in order to beat the rising concern of obesity. Gaining weight is as easy and simple, but it is always difficult to shed it. You can seamlessly accomplish your goals with the right diet and exercise.

Health Shots got in touch with nutritionist Avni Kaul, to understand some morning habits to fight obesity in a healthy way.

Simple tips to fight obesity

The way we start our mornings has an impact on our overall health. We should make certain lifestyle modifications, especially in the morning, to beat obesity.

morning habits to fight obesity
Try out these morning habits to fight obesity! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

1. Drink warm water every single morning

“The major root cause of obesity is slow metabolism. To keep metabolism under check, you must drink at least 1-2 glasses of warm or lukewarm water once you get up in the morning. As per Ayurveda, drinking water mixed with lemon and honey accelerates metabolism and also aids in shedding weight,’ shares Kaul.

2. Don’t skip exercising

Exercising for at least 25 to 30 minutes a day is extremely essential to keep your body healthy. Lightweight exercises help in building agility and flood our body with the right energy at the very start of the day. Most people prefer going to the gym nowadays, and that is indeed also quite helpful. If you are running out of time, you can keep yourself fit and healthy by doing light exercises in the morning at home.

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3. Soak in the sunlight

“Vitamin D is extremely beneficial and essential for our body. The first rays of the sun in the morning are rich in vitamin D. It gives positive energy to our body and mind. You can hit your garden daily to exercise in the morning or any open area. Alongside, vitamin D helps in reducing weight,” suggests the expert.

morning habits to fight obesity
Obesity is increasingly becoming a common problem. Know how to prevent it. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

4. Never skip your breakfast

Several people skip their morning breakfast thinking that it will help them in reducing weight. This might prove harmful for the body. Any form of inadequate diet makes our body feeble. Sometimes, prolonged hunger can lead to weight gain rather than weight loss as feeling famished for long can make you binge-eat. Also, starving yourself can lead to lack of vital nutrients in the body.

5. Plan your meals for the day

Every single morning, jot down the list of things you will eat in your day. By being mindful of what you are going to eat in a day, will help you become mindful by consciously opting for low-calorie foods. If you’ve already decided what to much on for your day’s snacks and meals, you won’t reach out for calorie-convenience foods. By being planned in advance, you will be mindful of what you consume and will take charge of your health.

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