8 signs of insulin resistance, a condition that can lead to type-2 diabetes

Your body actually gives you signs of insulin resistance and it is important you keep an eye out for them.
diabetes and fat
Excess sugar and fat is not good for your health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:25 pm IST
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If you’re still wondering why everyone is always advocating about eating healthy, we’ve got some news for you. There are certain conditions that are caused by unhealthy eating habits and diabetes happens to be one of the most dangerous ones out of them all.

Insulin resistance, it seems, is both a cause and symptom of diabetes. Turns out, it is also the culprit behind metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure. An unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle contributes greatly to this problem

What exactly is insulin resistance?
When we eat food, glucose is released in our body and we use it for energy. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, is the hormone that helps in this conversion. Glucose gets stored in the muscles, fat cells, and liver. This enables your body to use energy even in the future. 

Insulin resistance takes place when your cells don’t respond well to this hormone and your body is unable to efficiently convert the glucose from the blood to energy.

Here’s the problem
The thing is that this would lead to the accumulation of glucose in your bloodstream that can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. This leads to multiple problems which might vary from person to person.

Thankfully, your body mechanism knows how to keep you updated about anything that is happening on the inside.

Here are 8 signs that your body is using to tell you that you might be suffering from insulin resistance:

1. Weight gain
If your abdomen is where all the fat is accumulating and making it look like a muffin-top, your body is trying to tell you that you need to look at your insulin levels.

“This happens due to a lack of physical activity. You should know that abdomen fat is more harmful than the fat which gets accumulated on the other parts of your body”, Dr Ashutosh Goyal, an endocrinologist at Paras Hospital, Gurugram.

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2. Fatigue
According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, you feel tired because of the abnormal metabolism activity. If your metabolism isn’t functioning efficiently, it might take time to release energy, making you feel tired in spite of eating properly.

“When glucose in your body is not properly utilized, you tend to feel tired”, Dr Goyal.

3. Hunger and thirst
Yes, you might feel the need to eat and drink water in excess due to insulin resistance. Moreover, you might feel like eating will give you more energy which might lead to you overeating.

4. Increased urination
If you are drinking too much water, you’ll visit the washroom too many times.

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5. Skin darkening
Have you witnessed a dark patch around your neck, underarms and groin? That’s because of insulin resistance in your body. This is known as acanthosis nigricans. Dark skin patches have more melanin content. They tend to form a band-like structure, especially around your neckline.

6. Sensation in hands and feet
“This is a sensory symptom. When the sugar level increases due to insulin resistance, it affects blood circulation. This leads to impairment in signalling. In the advanced stages, the patient loses this sense completely and they feel nothing”, he explained.

7. Hair fall and acne
Change in hormones is the main reason behind major hair fall and acne. Another reason is that you crave for carbs when your insulin is going bonkers. This leads to more production of sebum which is not good for your hair or your skin.

“Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended for those who are insulin resistant”, he says.

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8. Frequent infections
“An increase in the level of sugar decreases the body’s ability to heal wounds. Due to this, you get vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infection” he explained.

This is how you can fix insulin resistance
According to Dr Goyal, insulin resistance can happen to anyone. “Exercising is one of the best ways to keep yourself away from insulin resistance. Thirty to forty minutes of aerobic exercises can help you the most. Also, quit smoking and limit alcohol to keep insulin working efficiently” he concluded.

So, ladies, keep an eye out for these signals.

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