Unable to meditate? Follow these 7 easy ways to increase focus

Do your mind wander here and there while you meditate? If so, here are 7 easy tips to increase focus.
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Increase your ability to focus with these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 15 Jul 2022, 09:21 am IST
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When you meditate, do you frequently feel distracted? Or lost in thought? If yes, my dear lady, there are a variety of possible causes behind it. By addressing what’s on your mind, you may stop your mind from wandering and prevent getting lost in your thoughts during meditation. However, if you’ve tried this trick and are still having trouble, here are a few tips to increase focus during meditation.

Health Shots spoke to Anil Arya, expert yoga trainer at Divine Soul Yoga, to suggest some ways to improve focus while meditating.

Anil Arya says, “Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. The initial purpose of meditation was to aid in a deeper understanding of life’s mystical and sacred elements. Nowadays, meditation is frequently used to unwind and reduce tension.”

ips to increase focus
Meditate for your mental and emotional well being. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Anil adds, “Through meditation, one can feel the sensation of quiet, peace, and balance, which can benefit your physical and mental health. However, this can sometimes be challenging to focus on, especially for people who have a very active mind.”

But don’t worry, you can learn to keep yourself focused and maintain inner serenity by practicing meditation with a few tips.

By implementing these 7 suggestions, you can deepen your meditation:

Focusing your attention, developing awareness, and objectively observing your experiences are all key components of meditation.

1. Use mantra

For a relaxing state of mind, try a Mantra while meditating. In fact, you can also focus on your breathing until you can get comfortable in the position and are ready to meditate.

tips to increase focus
Keep calm, and meditate. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Take in the silence’s sound

Ideally, morning is the best time to meditate because the environment is peaceful. Anil says, “When you witness a dawn, keep your eyes fixed on the broad, peaceful sky and pay attention to how you experience the inner silence, a sense of one with the rising sun, and the peace of the morning.” So, sit where there’s no noise.

3. Enjoy some yoga twists to pamper your body

You get distracted also because of the uncomfortable position or maybe because of the body stiffness. “You can get rid of this stiffness and restlessness by performing certain yoga asanas,” says Anil. As a result, your mind calms down and you are able to experience meditation more deeply.

4. Observe what you eat

Consider the days you meditated after consuming fried, oily, and meat-based meals as well as the days you meditated after consuming lighter, healthier meals. What’s helpful? You know the answer. So, consume light and frequent meals.

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5. Sing

It is common knowledge that various musical genres elicit various emotions. Since space makes up around 90 percent of who we are, sound has a significant impact on us. So, sing a song before you meditate. “When you meditate, the constantly talking ‘little mind’ becomes calmer, and you have a richer experience,” says Anil.

tips to increase focus
Listening to music can be calming. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Plan a daily meditation period

The secret to experiencing meditation more deeply is to maintain discipline and respect the practice. So, meditate each day at a set time period.

7. Put a grin on someone else’s face

You feel happy and experience a surge of good energy when you reach out to those who need your help or assistance. So, help someone or put a smile on someone else’s face. This will keep a good vibes in you throughout the day.

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