7 things you will relate to if you’re trying to quit smoking

Get set for the Dangal between your addiction and your willpower. Because quitting smoking is not easy.
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You have ample reasons to break up with smoking! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 12 May 2021, 05:37 am IST
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They say quitting is for the faint hearted. But we say, quitting smoking is only for the strong-willed. After all, staying away from the cigarettes that have practically been your strength during the tough times, your concentration-booster, your alcohol buddy, and even your social-life saviour can be tougher than climbing Mount Everest.

More so, because the addictive nicotine in your blood will call out to you with more emotion than Rakhee could ever call out her Karan and Arjun. However, if you are trying hard to quit smoking, here are seven things you most definitely will relate to.

1. You start off with Phogat-sisters-level motivation
In your Dangal with addictive cigarette smoking, you enter with the combined motivation of Geeta, Sangita, Babita, Papita. In fact, even if Aamir Khan comes out of the screen to offer you a fag at the start of this day, you would refuse.

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At the starting point of quitting, you always feel like a winner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. You gradually start getting Saif Ali Khan feels
Remember how the guy expressed his regret after Humshakals was released? Just like that when the cigarette withdrawal hits you, you almost start regretting your decision of quitting it. But just like the Nawaab came up with the not-so-wow Laal Kaptaan, you too continue to stick to your quit-smoking streak somehow.

3. Maybe, because you see a sacred games at the end of the tunnel
Staying away from the magic stick that gives you the required kick in life can be difficult. But when the benefits like being able to breathe easily, getting clear skin, feeling more energetic, and well, being able to save more money sets in–you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And just like Saifu found his respite in the web series, you find yours in the health benefits of quitting smoking.

4. Although Saif’s Salaam Namaste might just ring a bell
Remember how the pregnant Preity Zinta makes the guy get her an ice cream in the middle of the night, just because she’s craving for it? Well, you might find yourself in a similar position. Because with no cigarettes to curb your appetite or simply out of crankiness from missing smoking, you might just crave for food more than ever. Relax, though! Just like you overcame the temptation of smoking, you will be able to overcome this too.

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5. Your jag soona soona laage game might become more prevalent
With no ‘sutta breaks’ to your rescue and well, having to watch your friends at work step out for a puff every now and then, you might just be able to feel like you’re missing out on something. But the only thing, you’re actually missing out on is the health damage, trust us.

Also, listen:

6. In fact, you might start loving movies more than ever
Not because of the countless Bollywood references for the feeling of emptiness in your life here. But because, watching the Suresh’s and Mukesh’s of the world flaunting their tobacco-caused cancers before the movie begins makes you feel better about your choice of quitting.

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7. Finally, you might become Ranbir Kapoor from Bachna Ae Haseeno
The selfish playboy is a taker, remember? You might become one. If someone’s smoking around you, you simply try to take it all in and enjoy the passive smoking. Don’t worry though, eventually just like Ranbir, you will find your way out too.

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