Apples are great but they can worsen your allergies. Yes, it’s true

We have a quick allergy update for you! Turns out you can totally avoid them! Read more to know how.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 3 Apr 2022, 09:00 am IST
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Stuffy nose, rampant sneezing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, and what not. Everything that we’ve just listed is a sign that you’re allergic to something. But that’s not the only bad news we have for you! There’s a list of things that can actually worsen those allergies.

As soon as there’s a switch in the season, you may struggle with multiple allergic reactions that can annoy you to hell. Some allergies are unavoidable, but there are some that you can totally keep at bay.

No, we aren’t mocking you. We got in touch with an intensivist and infectious disease specialist, who will enlighten us about this.

Come, let’s read what all he has to share with us.

7 surprising things that can worsen your allergy

  1. Stress: Well, stress is otherwise bad for your mental and physical well-being, and now it turns out that it can worsen your allergies too. As per Dr Vikrant Shah, consulting physician, intensivist and infectious disease specialist from Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur, Mumbai, if you have any kind of allergy, taking stress can be bad for your health. If you experience high levels of stress, allergy flare-ups can be commonly seen, which will require prompt medical attention.

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  2. Eating certain fruits and vegetables: “You will be shocked to know that eating apples, tomatoes, and celery will help, since they contain a protein on the surface that the body tends to confuse with pollen,” warns Dr Shah. This is known as an oral allergy syndrome and invites symptoms such as an itchy throat and mouth.
  3. Clothes: Who would have thought right? Apparently, pollens stick to the fabric easily, spreading them to the couch, bed, and other places. So, change clothes as soon as you get home, and wash them in hot (not cold) water.

    Clothes could be the reason why your skin itches so. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  4. Contact lenses: Itchiness and redness in the eyes are very common during the summer and monsoon season, and that’s why it needs special attention. “If you are one of them who uses contact lenses, be careful. You will have to avoid using lenses during the allergy season. The lenses can trap pollen in the eyes causing irritation and redness,” says Dr Shah.
  5. Smoking: Cigarettes contain numerous toxic chemicals and irritants and can be problematic for allergy sufferers. So ladies, put that bud aside and save yourself from these chronic issues.
  6. Plants in your house: We know plants add an element of aesthetic appeal to your room. Plus, they also help you make yourself happy. But another thing that they do is aggravate your allergy. Those who suffer from hay fever can be allergic to houseplants that are kept indoors. Avoid flowering indoor plants, spider plants, and those that are way too leafy as they can trap allergens.

    Get rid of indoor plants for some time if you don’t want to trigger your allergy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  7. Swimming pools: we know you must have been waiting for summer to take a dip, but do it with caution because pool water can also trigger all sorts of allergies. You may love swimming but chlorine water can trigger allergies. Chlorine dries out the skin and irritates the airways leading to itchy skin, coughing, and congestion.

So, be alert and stay safe!

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