7 tell-tale signs that indicate your immune system is weak

Immunity is critical to help your body fight infection. That’s why it is important to understand these signs and symptoms of weak immune system, so that you can take action on time.
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Pooja Banga Published: 15 Feb 2021, 15:09 pm IST
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The immune system is made up of white blood cells, lymph nodes, and antibodies and helps the body to fight external infections. It was in 2020 that covid-19 emphasised on the importance of the immune system in dealing with the virus. But what if you have a weakened immune system? 

Here are some signs of weak immune system that will help you understand better: 

1. High level of stress

The first sign of a weakened immune system you will notice are high stress levels. If you neglect your stress levels for long, it decreases the effectiveness of the immune system. As a result, the number of white blood cells, and lymphocytes decreases in the body, which usually fight the infections. It also reduces the risk of getting affected by common cold, and diarrhea. Excessive irritability is also a reflection of a weak immune system.

2. Frequent infections

It is medically proven that if you suffer from more than five ear infections, chronic bacterial sinusitis, more than two pneumonia instances or need more than three courses of antibiotics in a year, then it is high time, you should concentrate on boosting your immune system. Your body should be capable of handling these health hazards with its natural antibiotics, and if it doesn’t, you have a weak immune system.

3. Prone to catch a cold

As per medical science, adults can normally suffer from common cold two to three times in a year. Weaker immune systems can also cause chronic cough throughout the year. It also causes slow recovery from cold. In normal cases, the immune system works to produce antibodies, so that they can fight the unwanted germs within 2-4 days.

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4. Fatigue

Slow immune system makes you feel sluggish throughout the day, even if you get enough sleep at night. It leaves the body exhausted and with low energy levels.

5. Slow wound recovery

A weak immune system cannot generate new skin quickly, resulting in slow recovery of the wound. It is the healthy immune cells, which help to regenerate new skin when the skin goes through any damage.

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6. Joint pain

Weak immunity means repeated occurrences of joint ache. If your immune system is slow for a long time, you will end up experiencing vasculitis, an inflammation in the blood vessels due to an autoimmune disorder or infection. You will also face swollen, stiff or often painful joints, due to inflammation in the inner lining of your joints.

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7. Chronic gut problems

According to medical science, around 70-75% of the immune system is present in the digestive tract. Therefore, a slow immune system causes constipation, acidity, gas, diarrhea etc. With a decrease in the number of the useful microorganisms and bacteria of the digestive tract, there would be a higher risk of chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.

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In the end remember… 

A few new habits and some lifestyle changes can effectively maintain strong immunity naturally, such as eating a balanced nutritious diet every day, exercising daily, maintaining a healthy weight, getting sufficient sleep, minimizing stress levels, quitting smoking etc. 

We must keep an extra eye to notice the early symptoms of a weak immune system, as it indicates some serious health problems. Regular visits to the doctors, taking important supplements like vitamin C, Zinc etc help to maintain and boost the immunity.

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