Can’t fall asleep at night? Here’s what your body is trying to tell you

If you've been having a tough time falling asleep at night, chances are that you need to be on the lookout for some important signs and course corrections. Read on to know more.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 9 Jun 2021, 11:04 am IST
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So many of us struggle with getting a comfortable sleep and often spend the night dwelling into our thoughts and tossing and turning  in bed. Different people have different sleep quality and that also reveals one’s lifestyle and health status. Detecting and rectifying the factors that deteriorate the sleep quality is important to improve the circadian rhythm and sleep comfortably. 

Our body communicates with us and reveals signs that we are not sleeping well, so, we present 7 such signs that contribute to a poor sleep cycle:

1. You’re exercising at night

Traditionally, it is believed that exercising at night is a healthy practice. However, it turns out that it can disrupt your stable heart rate, which is one of the leading factors that can have an impact on your sleep cycle. Besides, working out releases stress hormones and the bright lights at gyms may stop melatonin (the sleep hormone) from being produced.

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2. You’re drinking coffee near bedtime

Regular consumption of caffeine may lead to insomnia or worsen pre-existing insomnia. Your bedtime cup of coffee idea is a bad one as it can disrupt the body clock and can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, nightmares and decrease the sleep quality.

3. You’re exposed to too much lights

Exposure to a lot of light during sleep makes it difficult for the brain to achieve deep state relaxation as lights command your natural sleep and waking up cycle (circadian rhythm). In fact, the blue light from your mobile is also a leading factor as this light can suppress melatonin, which can reduce the ability to sleep at night.

4. You often snack late at night

Eating snacks late at night can affect your physical and mental health. Snacking when you are supposed to be sleeping can alter the ability of your body to produce sleep hormones which can result in sleep deprivation, slow mental reaction and attention deficiency. Plus, it can cause insomnia, depression, and weight gain.

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5. You’re stressed

Probably the most common thing your poor sleep pattern can indicate is that you’re surrounded by stress, anxiety and worries. Many people have witnessed rapid anxious thoughts and worries at night, which can distract your mind and body from focusing on sleeping. To combat the stress, try yoga or meditation to reduce stress levels.

6. The room temperature has a role to play

Make sure your bedroom temperature is set to a pleasant one, the cooler the better. A comfortable environment is a must for healthy sleep, otherwise, a hot room can raise your body’s temperature, making it hard for you to sleep. Similarly, a cold room can also lead to discomfort and hamper sleep quality.

7. You have a sleep disorder

Sleep disorders such as restless legs syndrome, jet lag and insomnia can prevent you from sleeping comfortably. Try improving your diet and practice stress management to combat these disorders and consult a doctor for effective treatment.

So ladies, be wary of these factors and tweak your lifestyle and eating habits to get that much deserved comfortable sleep.

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