These 7 powerful yoga poses can actually tone and lift up your saggy breasts

No matter what the cause of your sagging breasts, these yoga asanas can lift them up again.
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Ladies, it’s time to pull your jugs right back up. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 18 Jun 2020, 15:22 pm IST
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Just like wrinkles and fine lines, saggy breasts are also a part of the natural changes that take place in every woman’s body. However, certain factors such as drastic weight loss, exercising without wearing supportive bras, smoking, and multiple pregnancies can make this inevitable change come in before its designated time.

If you too have fallen prey to this change before time, here are 7 powerful yoga poses recommended by yoga practitioner and nutritionist Paramita Singh, to tone and lift your saggy breasts back up:

Try’em to believe ‘em, we say:

1. Bhujangasana or cobra pose
It works by increasing the lung volume, strengthening the abdominal muscles, and providing support to your chest.

yoga for saggy breasts
Cobra pose. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

So, lie down on your chest and inhale deeply. Now, slowly get up with the
help of your arms and rest your body weight on your arms. Lift your head up, exhale, and come back to the starting position. Try to increase your time of holding on to the pose gradually from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

2. Vrikshasana or tree pose
Tall and strong as a tree, this pose can help you in firming up the loose muscles of your breasts and bringing them back in shape. All you need to do is give it a good stretch and hold on to the posture for as long as possible.

yoga for saggy breasts
Tree pose. Image courtesy: Tejinder Kaur

Start by standing straight, raise your arms above your head and clasp them
together, getting into the namaskar pose. Now, raise your left leg and rest it on your right inner thigh while resting your entire body weight on the right leg. Stretch your arms upwards and keep breathing. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg.

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3. Dhanurasana or bow pose
Besides bringing your breasts back in shape, this one can help you get rid of backache as well.

yoga for saggy breasts
Bow pose. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Lie down on your stomach and exhale the air from your lungs. Bend your knees and slowly bring them close to your head. Hold your ankles and breathe out. Try to pull your legs with arms as much as possible. Balance on your stomach and try to hold this posture for 30 seconds.

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4. Virabhadrasana or warrior pose
This one will help you stretch your thorax and make it elastic, promoting strength at the same time.

yoga for saggy breasts
Warrior pose. Image courtesy: Swati Kain

Stand with your feet apart, parallel to each other. Turn your left foot to the left side and right foot inside. Exhale and bend your left knee. Raise both your hands, parallel to the ground, turn your head to the left side, and look at your wrist. Now repeat this 7 to 10 times and practice the same on the right side.

5. Ustrasana or camel pose
This asana stretches the thorax, abdomen, inguinal region, and thighs. It is a chest-opener pose which helps increasing lung volume and strengthens the

Stand on your knees and pull your feet together. Slowly, bend backward while keeping your hands on your heels. Arch your back and stretch your ribs. Pull your head off the floor and hold this position for 30 seconds.

6. Trikonasana or triangle pose
It will release and strengthen your thorax, stretch your spine, and improve the blood flow in your body.

Place your feet wide apart. Turn the left one at a 90-degree angle and the right
one at a 15-degree angle. Touch your left ankle with your left hand and stretch your right arm upwards so that your arms make a straight line. Keep your knees and spine straight.

Turn your face up, and look at your fingers. Then repeat the exercise with the other side.

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7. Chakrasana or wheel pose
It helps you stretch your thorax, spine, and neck which helps with relieving fatigue, and cures headaches.

Lie down on your back, and place your feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart, then pull them to your buttocks. Put your hands behind your head keeping your palms down with your fingers pointing towards your back. Breathe out and raise your breasts and hips as high as you can. Try straightening your arms completely. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

So, ladies, lift up say goodbye to saggy breasts with these powerful yoga exercises!

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