7 surprising benefits of massaging your ears that will make you do it right away

Your ears are capable of doing more than just hearing. Try massaging your ears to treat many health concerns naturally.
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Shifa Khan Published: 4 May 2022, 12:47 pm IST
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All our sensory organs are interconnected to each other. Our ears are a tool that provide us with clarity and gives us the information that we need in order to function. But did you know massaging your ears can be a remedy for many health problems in your entire body? Yes, your ears can do more than you think!

Health Shots spoke to Grand Master Akshar, a yoga master, spiritual Guru, and lifestyle coach to give us all the details on the benefits of massaging your ears.

Akshar says, “In yoga, it is believed that along with developing strength in the mind and body, we also need to know how to implement this strength at the right place and time. In this regard exercises like massaging your ears, physical postures called asanas can all be very useful in building your strength and capability.”

Different techniques of massaging your ears:

  1. Make sure that you sanitize your hands before you massage your ears.
  2. Rub your palms against each other until you feel warmth between them and gently place them over your ears.
  3. Use your fingers to lightly massage the outer flaps of your ears.
  4. Using your thumb and index fingers you can slowly massage your lobes and tug at them gently.
  5. Do not insert your fingers into your ear canal, you should only massage the outer part of your ears.
  6. You can gently cover your ears with your palms and sit in quiet meditation for some time.
  7. Use your fingers to massage the top part of your ears and you can press and fold them lightly.
  8. Similarly you can also use your index and thumb fingers to give your ears a massage in the middle and lower part as well.
  9. You can also form a cup with your palms and gently close your ears and open them in a few repetitions.
  10. Use your index and thumb finger to gently and delicately pull the lobes of your ears and massage them to gain so many health benefits.
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Your ears can do a lot more than just hearing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health benefits of massaging your ears:

  1. “It improves your hearing capacity, and it also enhances your ability to receive. It is best practiced early in the morning for 5-10 minutes,” says Akshar.
  2. Rubbing your ear stimulates the nerve endings. This helps in increasing blood flow to the head that makes you feel more alert and awake.
  3. Studies suggest that ear massage can treat muscle pain as it leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphin, the feel-good hormone, helps in providing comfort in body pain and make you happier.
  4. Next time you get a headache, don’t pop the pain killers. Try doing an ear massage instead. Sip on peppermint tea for added benefits.
  5. Massaging the upper shell of your ear helps beat stress and anxiety like nothing else. Try it the next time you feel restless.
  6. This technique may also help alleviate the symptoms of insomnia. Massaging your ears will help relax the mind and aid better sleep.
  7. Stimulating your ears can beat lethargy just like a cup of coffee does! Next time you feel low on energy, try massaging your ears instead.
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Massaging your ears can help relieve all symptoms of anxiety and stress. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Yoga asanas like Sarvangasana, Halasana and Karnapeedasana can be very useful along massaging your ears. You can perform these asanas every morning right after stimulating your ears. You can also practice sitting in quiet meditation under the sun everyday for some time to speed up the benefits.

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