Baby oils aren’t just meant for toddlers, you can use them for your skin and hair too

Here’s the burning question of the season – can adults use baby oil for their skin and hair? This interesting read will help you figure it out.
These ingenious uses of baby oil will leave you awestruck! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Mar 2022, 09:00 am IST
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If you haven’t known how multi-faceted baby oil can be, this read will be an eye-opener. Is it really worth it, especially since a baby’s skin is not exposed to pollution and other skincare issues, but ours is? The answer to your question is yes.

Baby oil can be used in multiple ways and has the power to rejuvenate you from head to toe. The best part about using baby oil is that it is loaded with mineral oils, has a blast of vitamin E, and is super-sensitive – and all this makes it perfect for your skin and manes.

And now it’s time we unravel what all you can use baby oil for. Come, and take a look.

skin oil
Baby oils are a great skincare addition. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are 6 ways to use baby oil to get super supple skin and luscious tresses

  1. Baby oil can be used as a moisturizer

    According to Dr Monica Kapoor, a celebrity cosmetologist and director at FLAWLESS Cosmetic Clinics, baby oil leaves skin moisturized and smooth, which makes it a great substitute for shaving cream. Using baby oil as shaving cream can also protect your skin from razor bumps when you shave. Also, Just a couple of drops of baby oil gently rubbed on the body can nourish parched skin by locking in moisture. For best results, apply the oil all over immediately after getting out of the shower or bath.

  2. It’s a great hair serum

    Baby oil works as a great substitute to leave-in serums but one has to use it in small amounts only, as it can make our hair sticky when used in large amounts. Sometimes, shampoo and conditioner alone are not enough to tame dry hair ends. Dry ends take away the charm of our hair. In this condition, baby oil comes in handy. Just take 3-4 drops of baby oil in your palm and rub them together, so that it gets distributed in your palms evenly. Now run your palms through the ends of your hair. It will not only add shine to them but also reduce the appearance of split ends.

    split ends
    Nourish the ends of your hair with the goodness of baby oil. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  3. Baby oil is the easy-breezy way to remove make-up

    If you are shelling out a fortune in buying those micellar waters to remove make-up, it’s time to stop doing it right away. “Baby oil is a safe, gentle way to wash the remnants of your day from your eyes and skin. Grab a bottle of baby oil and a cotton ball, and now you have a simple yet effective makeup remover. Soak a cotton ball with baby oil and gently run across your skin and eyelids to remove makeup. It’s an effective way to get rid of eye-shadow, foundation, and eyeliner without irritating your delicate skin, especially around the eyes,” says Dr Kapoor.

  4. It can also help in repairing cracked heels

    If you’re noticing cracks on your heels, rub some baby oil on them. Put on a pair of socks before bedtime to seal in the oil on your heels, and wake up to smoother feet.

  5. Baby oil can also repair your chapped lip

    When your lips become chapped and dry, it’s very painful. So, always apply a thick layer of baby oil over your lips at night. Next morning, you will find soft smooth lips and they will also get healed with regular usage. Baby oil is excellent for softening chapped and cracked lips.

    baby oil for skin
    Keep your lips hydrated with baby oil. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  6. It can also be used for massaging your hair or body

    “You can use baby oil as a regular massage oil for your hair or body. It works equally well as coconut or any other oil. Massage your hair and leave it overnight to get frizz-free hair or use it to massage your body to de-stress,” suggests Dr Kapoor.

So ladies, you see how incredible baby oil is? Told ya! So, get your hands on one now and reap its benefits today!

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