Watch out for these 5 warning signs that indicate you have a weak immune system

There can be umpteen reasons for a weak immune system. But first, you need to watch out for the signs that indicate yours is in trouble.
Weak immune system
A compromised immunity can be your worst enemy during this pandemic. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 17 May 2021, 13:09 pm IST
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During this pandemic, a weak immunity is too big a risk to take. Almost everything boils down to your immune system nowadays. And you don’t have to wait for a disease to hunt you down to understand how well or poorly your immune system is doing. Thankfully, our body sends signals on a regular basis–all you need to do is catch them before it is too late.

Here are five most prominent signs that you have a weak immune system 

1. Constant cold and cough
A runny nose and constant irritation in the throat is one of the most common and ignored signs of weak immunity. Do you know according to the CDC, if you catch a cold and cough more than four times in a year then your immunity is on the weaker side.

2. You feel exhausted all the time
How often do you wake up at night? How fresh do you feel even after sleeping for seven to eight hours? Well, you know the answer to both of them. Now be your own judge because if your sleep is inconsistent and you feel heavy-headed even after a good night’s sleep then your immunity might be at stake.

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Basically, when you are asleep at night (or in the dark), your body releases melatonin. This melatonin causes certain immune cells to release cytokines, which, in turn, activate immune cells to fight infections.

3. Constant gut issues
Ate outside food and now your is feeling the heat? Then, my dear, your immunity is definitely weak. Do you know more than 70% of the body’s immunity-boosting tissues can be found in our gut? If you eat something which is contaminated and end up getting diarrhoea or some other gut problem, then that means your tissues are not responding well. And if they are not responding well in the area where they can be found in a majority, then the rest of your body also won’t be able to stay immune.

4. Your wounds heal really slowly 
When you get a cut or burn then your skin cells come to rescue you. If your immune system is up to the mark, then new skin starts reappearing in a few days and the wound is healed. But if this process takes way too long, then this means that your immune system is sluggish and is not providing enough material to repair your skin.

5. You are prone to infections
Apart from regular cold and cough if you fetch infections in the urinary tract, ear, and sinus often then this is a sign that you are sensitive to the microbes causing them. This shows that your immune system is not producing enough antibodies against the viruses and bacteria that have attacked your body.

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Basically our immune system is dependant on the strength of the T-cells in our body. These cells check the immune response and are developed in the thymus gland. The stronger they are, the better your immune system will be.

So, if you observe any of these then that means that your immunity needs some TLC.

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