5 morning habits to improve physical, mental and spiritual health

You can inculcate healthy morning habits into the daily routine to look brighter while feeling healthier and happier. 
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Lavleen Kaur Published: 4 Jun 2022, 08:59 am IST
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It would not be wrong to say that getting up early in the morning makes us more productive and focused during the day. That’s why, we all have been taught to follow the “early to bed, early to rise” mantra since we were kids. Healthy morning habits go a long way in keeping you fit.

In today’s technology-driven society, the first thing we do when we wake up is to check our phones for messages, emails, and other notifications that we might have missed while sleeping. This habit does have a detrimental impact on the remainder of our day. So make sure to incorporate morning habits to stay healthy, – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. Some simple morning routine changes can have a significant impact on your life.

How to start your day the right way?

You can inculcate healthy morning habits into the daily routine, such as making sure to remove bacteria from your body in order to boost immunity and improve digestion, and nourishing your hair and skin in order to look brighter while feeling healthier and happier.

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Here are 5 morning habits that will help you lead a productive day and a healthier life:

1. Oil pulling

It is a well-known traditional Ayurvedic technique for removing bacteria and germs from the mouth, which helps in improving dental health. It is easy to incorporate into your morning routine as it not only benefits the oral health but the overall health as well.

The process is done using cold-pressed coconut oil, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Other oils, such as sesame seed oil or sunflower oil, can also be used to help neutralize acid and eliminate plaque, resulting in improved overall oral health. Olive oil is another popular option because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

In order to do it, take a spoonful of coconut oil or any other oil, and swish it around in your mouth for a minute without swallowing it. When you’re done, spit the oil into the toilet. Avoid spitting it into the sink as it can lead to an accumulation of oil, which can clog pipes, especially during the winter season. Before eating or drinking anything, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.

Just one minute of swishing oil in your mouth right after waking up will significantly help kill bad bacteria, reduce bad breath, prevent cavities, reduce inflammation, and improve gum health.

2. Using a bamboo brush

With an increased popularity of eco-friendly items, there has been a significant move away from plastic, and sales of biodegradable toothbrushes and wooden toothbrushes have skyrocketed.

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In fact, there are numerous advantages to using a bamboo toothbrush as well. Wood’s natural qualities operate as an antimicrobial, breaking down and killing microorganisms, which help remove toxicity from your body. They are fully biodegradable and only take approximately 4-6 months to break down and dispose off in the environment.

3. Tongue scraping

Over time, debris, bacteria, and dead cells can accumulate on your tongue. This can cause poor breath and have an adverse effect on your oral health. So, tongue scraping is a quick approach to remove excess particles from the surface of your tongue, particularly those that cause bad breath.

Using a tongue scraper twice a day will help you strengthen your sense of taste and improve your ability to distinguish between different taste palettes. It is also useful to remove harmful bacteria and improve your digestive system as well.

4. Drink water

The advantages of drinking water are well known to all. You should hydrate yourself throughout the day, but a glass of water first thing in the morning kickstarts the process. Not only physically, but also psychologically.

Water is a necessary nutrient for the proper functioning of your body’s organs and tissues. Because your body loses water regularly, you must replenish it to avoid dehydration. Keep in mind, however, that as vital as it is to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, it is even more important to do so correctly. Having a glass of water in a squat position is the best way to go about it.

Squatting and drinking water relaxes the muscles and neurological system, making it easier for your nerves to digest meals and other fluids. While sitting, your kidneys also speed up the filtration process.

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5. Start your day with some ‘me’ time

Connect with yourself first after waking up and before browsing social media. By doing so, you would be able to connect your mind, heart, and body. Simply set aside 5 minutes for yourself and practice mindfulness, gratitude, or just breathe and chant the Om mantra.

Meanwhile, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a morning routine. Each one of us has unique interests, obligations, and lives that require a unique healthy morning routine. But still, having morning habits to stay healthy should be on everyone’s priority list. 

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