Dry nose after a cold? Give these home remedies a try

Dry nose after a cold is very uncomfortable However, there is always a solution available! So try out these home remedies.
saline irrigation for noise
Use oil in the nose or practice saline irrigation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 29 Mar 2022, 15:00 pm IST
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Are you dealing with a dry nose after a cold? If so, you’re not alone in this. That’s what happens after a cold with everyone. Your nose requires a certain level of humidity to stay hydrated. But when there’s inadequate production of mucus, it can lead to a dry nose.

What’s the solution? Well, your nose needs a little TLC after a cold. Otherwise, it can make your nasal passage, including the outer skin of the nose, dry and rough. It is an uncomfortable situation. Apart from cold, there are a number of things that can also make your nose dry such as dehydration, weather change, pollution, nutritional deficiency, and allergies.

When Health Shots got in touch with Dr. Sheetal Radia, Consultant Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Oncosurgery, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road, Mumbai, said it can be easily treated at home with simple home remedies.

What if you leave your nasal dryness untreated?

* Irritation
* Burning sensation
* Itching
* Congestion
* Scabbing
* Redness
* Swelling
* And in rare cases, nose bleeding

Therefore, dryness in the nasal passage is unhealthy for your entire respiratory system. And that’s why it is really important you try to find solutions to get rid of the dry nasal passage as soon as possible.

Try these home remedies to treat a dry nose after a cold:

1. Try a saline nasal spray

Did you know that a saline nasal spray will help to deal with the dirt, dust, and pollen that may cause your dry nose. Remember to consult the doctor first before using it. The doctor will tell you about the right kind of spray that is suitable for you. Dr Radia said, “Saline nasal spray such as petroleum jelly or liquid paraffin can also be applied to the nose. Also, patients can try nasal wash, it can also help in nasal cleaning or moisturizing it.” Avoid applying too frequently!

dry nose after cold
Always consult a doctor first before choosing a nasal spray. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Opt for a good humidifier

A humidifier is there to keep your nasal passage moist and hydrated. You can keep it in your room especially at night to prevent the air from getting dry, making your nose more dry and rough. It can provide you instant relief. In fact, according to Dr Radia, “It can help to increase humidity, loosen congestion, and lubricate the nasal passages to help you breathe freely.”

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3. Damp wipes

Damp wipes can be used for multiple purposes like cleaning and moisturizing the area where you are using them. You can very use a facial wet tissue to clean the lining of your nostril. This will keep the area soft and moisturized. Moreover a facial wipe, baby wipes can also be used. Just wipe your dry nose gently and you will be good to go!

4. Take steam

Taking steam to get rid of the dry nose is the most effective and easy way. You just need to sit back, relax and take steam. “This can be a good idea as it can relieve a dry nose. Take steam at least thrice a day without fail,” said Dr Radia. You can also take a warm bath or shower to get moist in the air and to moisten your dry nasal passage.

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dry nose after cold
Steam can help you clear the passage! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Stay hydrated

Do you fail to drink enough water? Then, you are doing it all wrong! Staying hydrated is very essential to overcome a dry nose. Not only that, enough hydration will help your body to work properly. All in all, hydration is key to maintaining adequate nasal moisture. Thus, “you will feel better and can tackle the problem of a dry nose after having a cold,” said Dr Radia. To keep yourself hydrated, you will need to keep your water intake up to 7 glasses a day.

So, use these simple but effective home remedies for quick relief!

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