Yes, travel constipation is real! Here are 3 effective tips to overcome it

Travel constipation is an annoying phenomenon. But there is a lot you can do to avoid any kind of discomfort, when you are visiting your favourite destinations.
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Grace Bains Published: 22 Dec 2020, 01:38 pm IST
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The holiday season is right here, and while covid-19 is still a prevalent threat, the world is slowly opening up to the prospects of travel. We love to travel for a variety of reasons, be it to get inspiration or rejuvenate, to learn and sensitise ourselves towards different cultures, or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Travelling always ensures that we come back with great stories, which should ideally be void of any health complications. ‘Travel constipation’ is one such complication, which is a real struggle that can jade those travel stories with memories of feeling restless and helpless. Not many know that being on the road can seriously influence the biomechanics of your digestive system, causing you to become constipated.

travel constipation
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A range of reasons affects your digestive system while travelling. It could be that your normal routine has taken a beating, or that the size and timing of your meals has altered, considering the long haul flights or midnight train journeys that also change your internal body clock. On the other hand, there’s dehydration that can make your stool hard, thereby leading to constipation.

Therefore, to help you overcome travel constipation, we present to you three simple tips that you can metaphorically pack with you, when you venture out:

1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a major contributor to constipation. When our body does not get enough fluids, it compensates by drawing water from the faecal matter from the intestines. This may make it difficult to pass stool. Hence, it is essential that you make concerted efforts to drink plenty of fluids, while travelling.

travel constipation
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2. Eat regularly

Often while travelling, we eat meals on the go, and our digestive systems may not register these on-the-road meals. This leads to non-stimulation of gut contractions, causing irregular bowel movements. Therefore, it is important for you to plan ahead to have full meals that have generous quantities of vegetables and grain. This will help you avoid staying constipated.

3. Stay active and alert

The digestive system is always working, and needs regular breaks to function smoothly. Stretching and walking around, while travelling, can go a long way in facilitating regular bowel movements. Moreover, the longer you spend sitting, it also impacts your ability to respond to urges for a bowel movement, due to lack of immediate bathroom access. Therefore, you should not avoid using a bathroom at every opportunity you get.

From hereon, you would be better equipped while travelling, as you can identify and rectify the issues in no time!

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