Is poor indoor quality troubling you? It’s time to take charge by following these 12 tips

Not a big fan of air purifiers? Worry not, follow these simple tips to improve the air quality in your house.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 16 Apr 2021, 11:35 am IST
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Are you into deep breathing exercises like kapal bhatti or anulom vilom? If yes, it’s always a good idea to practise these exercises for good health. But do you know nothing is going to help, if the quality of air at home is poor and laden with viruses. Of course, air purifiers are always an option, but they have their own side-effects! That’s why we’ve got for you some handy tips to improve the air quality in your homes, albeit naturally.

Here are 12 ways to improve the indoor air quality
1. Clean your mats regularly

The mats and carpets spread out in your rooms trap dust like no other. Ensure you dust them regularly, and vacuum clean them at least once a week.

2. Get indoor plants for more oxygen

There are so many indoor plants that can help you purify the air inside your room. Aloe vera, bamboo palm, dragon tree, spider plant, rubber tree, pothos, parlor palm, and lady palm are some of the most effective and inexpensive plants that you can place in your rooms to breathe fresh and clean air.

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Plants can help liven up your workplace and reduce stress at the same time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
3. Maintain optimum humidity in your rooms

Too much humidity in your rooms can make it a breeding ground for mold and dust mites. So, you need to check if the humidity is under control. Also, ensure regular cleaning of your air-conditioner or coolers.

4. Proper ventilation is a must

Cross ventilation helps in better air circulation. This will also help in the maintenance of humidity levels in the room. Plus, a poor ventilation system can cause odour in the room, making the indoor space sultry.

5. Give up on smoking inside the house

And in case you aren’t a smoker, even passive smoking can wreak havoc on the air quality. That’s because smoke gets trapped in the rooms, making it claustrophobic. It’s better you avoid smoking inside your room to keep the air fresh! It’s going to help others too.

6. No aerosol sprays

Instead, use beeswax candles as they work well as air purifiers. Essential oils also help to keep your room fresh.

7. Sanitising your pet

You might not realise but your pet’s hair can trap a lot of dust and other foreign particles, making the air inside your room dangerous. Therefore, make sure to regularly clean your pet as well as the areas where your pet generally sits. It’s going to help a great deal.

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Keep your pet clean. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
8. Changing your bed sheets regularly

For those of you who have a pet, this one is a must. That’s because the fur that gets stuck to your sheets can cause various nasal allergies.

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9. Install an exhaust

If your room doesn’t allow cross ventilation, the perfect solution is to install an exhaust. This way, you can maintain the air quality of your rooms, without any hassle.

10. No shoes in the room

Yes, it’s a simple but effective tip. There’s a lot that gets stuck to your shoes, and when you walk indoors, you carry it to all rooms. Just by removing your shoes outside the house, you prevent the spread of germs but can also help with the indoor air quality.

11. Use charcoal or salt lamps

Charcoal and salt lamps are two natural air purifiers. The activated carbon in charcoal sucks out all the dust and pollution from the air, and keeps it clean. Another exciting thing is that Himalayan salt emits negative ions, when lit. These negative ions are known to fight against positively-charged particles and viruses that cause allergies.

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12. Be mindful of your furniture and wall paint

Paints and furniture polish contains chemicals that can spoil the air inside your room by releasing toxins. So, choose wisely.

So ladies, now that you are spending most of your time inside your room, it’s even more important to pay attention to indoor air quality.

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